Warehouse Services

Moving your entire household is not a piece of cake. Of course, in a perfect scenario, you would move in the same day you move out. However, life can throw you a few surprises unexpectedly and there might be the situation when you’ll have some period of time between moving in and out. What to do with all your stuff in this case? Actually, there are many different moving companies providing both storage and moving services simultaneously. This is a great option for those who need to store their belongings somewhere before moving in. Professionals are ready to handle any moving task and meet your moving requirements.

Regardless of moving locally or long-distance, moving companies, provide a wide choice of services. You choose from a variety of options including full moving service, which means that mover will take care of all the stages of the move from the beginning until the end. It’s recommended to specify whether full-service move includes warehouse services. It’s better to choose the company offering both moving and storage services at the same time. Usually, moving companies include various storage solutions according to your specific situation.

Storage services include:

  • Long-term storage options;
  • Short-term storage options;
  • Round-the-clock modern security systems;
  • Additional packing supplies for storing your things;
  • Climate-controlled storage facilities for protecting your items from possible damage from weather conditions;
  • Innovative and reliable storage options.

Choose the best storage company using QQmoving

Our catalog contains a huge number of moving companies providing a full range of moving and warehouse storage services or only storage services. You can find detailed information about each mover, read their clients’ reviews and choose the most suitable one for you. We work only with licensed moving companies, which is why you may rest assured of the quality of their moving and storage services.

Warehouse Service Rates

You may request a warehouse service estimate from any mover you like. It’s recommended to compare the movers’ rates and conditions carefully before making a final decision. If you’re not sure which company to choose, then it’s a great idea to use our moving cost calculator. All you need to do is fill in the information regarding the type, the size of your items and the time required for storing your belongings. Send a request and we’ll choose the moving company meeting your requirements in several minutes.