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Established in 2005. A company based in New Hyde Park, NY, A Super Move, Inc. has built its business on integrity and putting our customers needs up front and center. Our business model is built on the trademarked phrase «Working for Tomorrow's Referral» as we believe that your move today is an opportunity for us to gain your trust in referring us to your friends and family tomorrow.Through a partnership with CubeSmart Self-Storage, we service 300-400 customers per month year round, Moving into and out of over 45 CubeSmart Facilities throughout Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Westchester. Ask about our Free Truck Program, offered through CubeSmart today!Although we know moving is not an exact science, we strive to make every moving experience as pleasant as the next, and know quality customer service is how to keep any customer loyal and remembering us for their next move.Call today for a free estimate or to book your next move with A Super Move.

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Free online moving quote calculator is light and easy-to-use, not requiring any specific knowledge from you. Everything you need is to specify the total size of your belongings, starting and ending points of your move, using additional services like packing/unpacking, etc. and send the request. Considering all the data you entered we make the accurate and precise calculation of the cost and delivering time and will provide you the results in 5 minutes. You can see information about other local and long distance moving companies in New York in our catalog.

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03 august 2021, 08:10

I have never written a poor review so far and you can literally go to my profile and see all the other reviews I have written but this was by far one of the worst customer experiences I have been a part of in my life.


I hired a super move to help me move my small 5x10 foot storage unit into my studio apartment on the second story of a brownstone only a five minute drive from the storage facility. The minute the men showed up it was a nightmare. The one mover looked into my locker unit and then looked at me in the eye and said “why the hell didn’t you request three movers?” It was not my responsibility to book the movers just to let them know how much stuff I had and I had outlined it to them in detail and they only sent two guys. Not my fault but this man was so rude to me all day thinking it was my fault they didn’t have enough help. He essentially said it was going to take double the amount of time to do the move and double the money which made me extremely upset because there was no way I could just suddenly fork over double the amount quoted. He very conveniently mentioned that if I paid in cash though he’d work up until the amount I gave him which was a huge red flag to me.

We started the moving process and it was evident to me that in order to get the move done I would need to help so I helped shuffle all the carts down to the truck for the other guy to load. I was literally like a third crew member. These guys did not wrap a moving blanket around a single thing I owned and shoved it like they were moving trash around.

We showed up to my apartment and he asked what floor I was on and for the third time I told him the second floor and he gave me a dirty look. He started moving things to the bottom stair case and the other guy brought them to the landing of the stairs where I individually carried up every single one of my own boxes into my apartment including my own damn mattress. They carried my dresser and another larger piece of furniture which ended up badly damaged in the process - photos attached.

The one mover insisted he forgot the credit card machine and basically bribed me into giving cash so that way they could “work up against it” and not go over in time. And after me hauling all my own boxes up the stairs they left me with half my stuff in the lobby of my building and sped off after I bought them waters and handed over the cash they requested.

I felt taken advantage of and so upset. As they drove away I found a small chunk of my dresser in the road that they broke off.

I have never in my life received such poor treatment from a company that I paid so much money too. It was embarrassing and I felt so powerless in the whole exchange being alone a small female who I’m sure they thought they could take advantage of.

For a MONTH I have tried to get a response from the office regarding at minimum 600 dollars worth of damage to my furniture - I literally had to sell one of my dressers because it got so beat up I couldn’t even fix it. It was essentially a new dresser that I paid 800 for and could only sell for 100 bucks because of the damage. NO ONE HAS RESPONDED TO ME. I HAVE SENT PHOTOS AND FOLLOWED UP MULTIPLE TIMES AND CALLED A DOZEN TIMES WITH NO ANSWER.

This place is absolutely awful do NOT WASTE YOUR TIME or your own EFFORT because you’ll end up moving your own stuff even though you’re paying people to do it!!! Using this company has been one of the worst decisions I have ever made and I will do everything in my power to share this message with other people until they reach out to provide compensation for how my furniture and MYSELF was treated during the moving process.

10 october 2017, 17:39

Full disclosure, after reading all the negative comments I was more than a little concerned about my move into my Cube Smart storage unit today. An understatement! I reached out to the staff ahead of time to confirm all the details and I was mentally prepared for the literal worst this morning. To my pleasant surprise it was actually the best move I've had in my life, by far! The coordination was amazing from start to finish. A Super Move went over and beyond (perhaps because I was "that crazy person" who followed up my calls with an email confirming all the details of the call). This morning 2 hours before my delivery was set to take place I received a very professional message from my driver (Reggie) called letting me know that he was on his way to a big delivery on the other side of Brooklyn and that I was next in line- he would be reaching me between 10:30 & 11. My pickup window was between 10 and 12, so this was perfect. He then called again as he was leaving the delivery to give me the actual eta from his gps. This sharper eta allowed me to secure my friend to assist me with the load at 11. The truck arrived early before my friend even arrived. Reggie was so kind to help me load everything (I didn't have a ton of stuff I was moving into a 5x8 unit but some was heavy). He did this against all my protests and in record speed I was on my way! My friend arrived as we were loading my last item. I really couldn't believe it, it was such a well coordinated process. The Cube Smart drop off was a bit tricky logistically, it was a small crowded, poorly-monitored street but Reggie navigated well, allowing my friend and I to grab my stuff as the truck idled. He was then on his way before I could even tip him for helping me load all of my belonging. Thank you!!! You made my gentrification scramble from my apartment a seamless one. All the best to you and the Super Move crew!

review from yelp.com

10 october 2017, 17:39

HORRENDOUS!!! Absolutely awful experience, I wish I could give negative stars. Beware of the CubeSmart moving deal - just go with a reputable mover that you trust! After reserving a unit at CubeSmart I was told the storage unit came with a free truck and driver, and that I should call A Super Move directly if I wanted to add on anything additional (I needed actual laborers to help me move). I had planned to use a local moving service that I knew always did a great job but, given the partnership w/CubeSmart, I thought this might be easier. WRONG!!! I called almost 2 weeks before my desired move date to get this set up and was told it wouldn't be an issue (I needed pickup from my apartment, then some stuff dropped off at my new home, and the rest dropped at the storage unit). They gave me a great price for the additional movers and told me I was set for April 17th between 10am-12pm. I took the day off of work to make sure everything went well. I woke up this morning and called CubeSmart at 9am to see if they had a better idea when the pickup would be. My called was returned by a woman named Carrie who seemed a little confused and said that my appointment was never "confirmed" despite having ALL of my information (the 3 locations and my apartment unit #). She told me the driver would be able to squeeze me in and would get to me before 12pm, but that he would call me very soon. From there it became a wild goose chase. I was back and forth on the phone with Carrie (who wouldnt answer, I would need to get a call back) and the driver (whos voicemail was full) on when and IF I would actually be getting moved.  Around 12:30pm I was told by Carrie he would be there before 2pm. Shortly after, the driver told me he would call me in 1-1.5 hours and let me know "where he was at".. When I tried to ask him for an estimate of time/where he was/etc he rushed me off the phone and told me he was "doing the best he could but I was a last minute addition" and that I need to stop calling him because I'm getting in the way of his job. I called Carrie again multiple times and she told me they canceled the rest of his schedule so that he could move me. At this point it was 2pm, and I told her I needed to get to CubeSmart before 6:45 to sign my lease and check in my unit. She said there was no reason why he shouldnt be on his way. By 3pm, I was livid. I called Carrie and left a message saying that if I didn't hear from him that I would need to cancel. She called me back and waived fees for my inconvenience, but I was really doubting whether I would get to CubeSmart in time especially with NY traffic during rush hour. I finally got a hold of the driver at 2:50 and he said he was wrapping up in 15 mins and would be on his way to me but that he had to call me back. Called back 10 mins later asking for the cross streets of my pickup location. When I told him, he had the incorrect city as the pickup location and I tried to tell him my address. He started yelling at me saying he would call me when he got there, but he DIDNT CONFIRM THE RIGHT ADDRESS. I asked him where he was coming from and when he would be at the CORRECT pick up location but he dismissed me and yelled at me to let him get back to work and that he was doing me a favor by getting this done for me. I tried to explain I had to get to CubeSmart by a certain time and he told me that I shouldnt worry about it, that it was his thing, meanwhile he didn't even know where I was going. At this point, I called Carrie back and told her to cancel the move and I would make my own arrangements. I had ZERO confidence that they a) could get to where I needed to go b) would move my things properly and in a non-rushed manner c) would treat me with respect. As a customer, I was being yelled at and told I was being done a favor. It was completely uncalled for. Carrie was very apologetic and really tried to make it work (she was stressed out too.) The owner, Jimmy, called me afterwards to apologize also. Unfortunately, there isn't anything that could be said or done to fix the situation especially after reading all of the other yelp reviews with similar issues. A Super Move is a Super Nightmare and I would never, ever recommend this to anyone. I wasted a day off and now have to live on a couch for a week because of A Super Move. Never again.

review from yelp.com

10 october 2017, 17:39

Terrible moving service! No one answers the phone. Terrible service all around from start to finish.The driver ruined my furniture , did not secure anything , and damaged several articles of my personal goods. No one will return your calls when you have a problem.Use this service if you want to completely RUIN your furniture. I chose this company as a promotion from cubesmart college point. Worst idea ever.I used a different moving company leaving the storage unit and they were amazing. I left them feedback too. Jimmy C is dishonest. Like he said,clearly anyone can be a mover but not everyone can move without braking all the furniture.I can provide a copy of my receipt at your request along with ATT statement showing 437 outgoing calls to your company.Thanks Jimmy for aggravation damage furniture and lies !Run an ethical moving company please

review from yelp.com

10 october 2017, 17:39

Yo do you guys like answer your phone or not?  Do you guys even exist?This is a promotion with cubesmart allowing cubesmart customers to get a free move. We have been calling these guys for DAYS and apparently NO ONE PICKS UP. Do you guys even exist? This is ridiculous. It seems like the other complaints is the same, they don't pick up their phone and they are all around just terrible service. I do not understand.

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