Checklist For Moving Into A New Home

checklist for moving

Going to relocate? There're so many things you need to keep in mind, but you hardly can focus on all of them, so make a checklist for moving into a new home (apartment).

Selecting The Movers

In addition to the various financial and organizing problems, people spend a lot of time to compare moving companies and find an affordable but reliable one. Since you decided to find a transport company by yourself, make the USDOT number check, and find out all needed information about moving companies. Check the legitimacy of the moving company and find the reviews from their previous clients.

If you're afraid to lose your belongings and furniture then use the services of moving broker, who will find you an appropriate solution according to your budget and wishes. That's a suitable decision for busy people who have no time to find companies and compare their conditions and rates. They also can give some tips for moving cross country.

New Home Plan

Measuring of a new apartment is one of the first important steps. It's necessary to measure sizes of your new home and make a plan of furniture arrangement. It is important to know in advance that furniture to put, and maybe not all the current furnishing will suit the new place. This is especially useful for those who use the services of full service moving, and you don't want somebody to put your fridge or wardrobe to the wrong place.

Checklist For Moving Into Your First Home (Apartment)

It's hard to know exactly what you need if you relocate first time in your life. We advise before the relocation to clean all the house/apartment, change the locks there, and wash and disinfect the fridge.moving out for the first time checklist

  • Furniture. For the first time, you need very small list of furnishings. Just bed and mattress, couch, wardrobe or dresser, dining table, desk and chairs. Ask your family and friends, maybe they can give you some of such things. Garage sales are great solution for purchasing the most necessary furniture. Use professional moving services to transport the heavy things.
  • Kitchenware. Buy couple of plates and cups, dishes, utensils, kitchen towels, frying pan, cutlery, cutting board, dishwashing liquid and sponge, several containers. And some cooking devices: fridge, microwave, toaster, blender and kettle.
  • Bedroom and living room. In addition to the furniture, you'll probably need vacuum, TV, Wi-Fi router, lamps, pillows and blankets, curtains and mirror.
  • Bathroom. You'll need towels, shower soap, toothbrushes, as well as toilet paper, toilet seat, brush and plunger.

You can expand the list, we only listed the essentials, without which you'll fill not comfortable in the first place. We hope you will find this checklist for moving house for the first time quite useful to follow it.

If you're not moving out for the first time checklist must be added by some dwelling cases:

  • Utilities. One of the most important things to settle is to rent a new home and leave the old one in the proper way. Also, it is necessary to inform the suppliers of utilities about your soon moving and, if necessary, to make changes to all the relevant agreements.
  • Mail forwarding. Before moving, inform senders about your new address.
  • Reduce moving expenses. Most people move at the end/beginning of the month or week. Thus, transfer costs are much cheaper when you're moving in the middle of the week/month.
  • Use the storage services to keep your extra belongings or thing you have nowhere to place before unpacking.

How To Pack For A Move Checklist?

Make the packing checklist for moving and write all supplies you need to buy and schedule the order of packing. Relocation is a great chance to start a new life, as well as to get rid of unnecessary things and organize the current.

Things you need for packing:

  • Special moving boxes;
  • Packing paper;
  • Packing tape;
  • Bubble wrap;
  • Plastic bags;
  • Permanent markers.

To move fragile belongings better to buy new sturdy boxes, designed to protect breakables. For most other things you may use recycled boxes from the nearest store. If you use the help of professional packing services, you may not think about such things, but focus on preparing the stuff.

  • Sort things by condition. Throw out, sell or donate all old and unnecessary things to avoid clutter up of a new home;
  • Sort belongings by type. It's much easier to pack things, selected by some category: clothing, books, dishes and other fragile, important papers and so on.
  • Pack unnecessary first. You can begin to pack with things you won't use for a next few months.

Things For The Road

packing checklist for movingPrepare and take with you the important documents and jewelry as a hand luggage. And don't forget about some things you probably need during the trip:

  • Water in bottles and cups;
  • Snacks you may eat without utensils;
  • Disposable dishes and utensils;
  • Paper towels and toilet paper;
  • Garbage bags;
  • Dustpan and broom;
  • Universal cleaner;
  • Flashlight;
  • Keys;
  • Phones.

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