Things Not To Forget While Moving

moving calendar checklist

We are the human beings and we tend to forget things. Under the daily tensions, in the stressful situation like relocation, we can forget about very important things. To avoid this we had collected the list of the most popular things people almost everytime forget when they are moving.

The moving house things to remember have to be listed for each room you planning to move. But there are items, which are needed for everyday use and they are most often forgotten.

The Stuff You Placed In A Storage.

Among the things people forget when moving, the items placed in storage probably one of the most popular.

The storage areas are not the haunted places in your house. That's why during the packing you may forget various long-storage items.

You have to create a list of the storages to check twice or even trice.

Usually, there are:

  • attic;
  • basement;
  • garage;
  • tool shed.

It will be a wise decision to add to this list the outside storage facility, which is very popular place for storing various valuable but not everyday needed items.

So go and check them thoroughly. It is unlikely that you forget to pack lawn mover but the set of tools for it can be lost in a bunch of packaging materials.

The Stuff You Loaned.

When you are planning the things to do when moving home you have to bear in mind the loaned items.

Stop for a minute and try to remember things you loaned your friends and family members. Also, unpack the things your friends loaned to you and prepare them to give back to their owners.

Check the books you took in the library.

Take the books back to the library, call your friends and your family members to exchange your items.

It can be the perfect reason to meet each other before your trip.

If you are moving a few blocks away this is not a big deal, but if you are relocating to the other end of the country or abroad it can be a problem to get your belongings back or to send the property to their owners.

The Documents

furniture wrap for movingThe documents are the number one among the things to consider when moving house. To avoid a nightmare and total disaster when you lose very important papers you have to create the moving binder.

It will be a very wise decision to put the vital documentation inside it.

Make a checklist and be sure to add there the following documents:

  • personal documents:
    • passport, driver’s license, birth certificate, marriage certificate;
  • employment and work-related documents
    • work contract, letters of recommendation;
  • housing documents
    • property deeds, rental agreements;
  • legal and financial documents
    • wills, Power of Attorney documents, bank statements;
  • motor vehicle documents
    • vehicle registration, motor insurance documents;
  • medical records, school records,

Valuables And Treasures.

It may sound funny, but very often we are forgetting to add valuables to the things to remember when moving house. The cash, precious jewelry, even family heirlooms all of these are hidden around the house and simply putting out of your head.

Pay special attention to your valuable items. Check all the hidden places around the house. Hidden spots, portable safe, safety deposit box, the hidden place at the end of your garden - all these places have to be checked thoroughly.

Make the list of the most valuable items and check them each time you are packing your belongings.

Medications And Prescriptions

The lack of prescription medications can be a real tragedy especially when you are on the road and far away from the nearest doctor. You may forget it in the closets, medicine cabinets and the result can be very serious.

To avoid this put the prescription medication to the first place to check when moving into a new house.

Into Conclusion

pack glass shelves for movingLet us make a few pieces of advice.

The easiest way not to forget your stuff is using the moving calendar checklist. Be sure to create it as detailed as you can. Check them regularly each time you pack your boxes. Your boxes labeling have to be understandable and informative.

Use your furniture wrap for moving not only for the furniture details but for bulky items you can't pack in boxes.

When you will start to pack glass shelves for moving don't forget about various little fasteners and bolts that can be easily lost