How To Make A Moving Timeline Checklist?

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We all strive for success. And all of our experience is telling us that the secret of any successful business is the organization. Whatever you do or whatever you think to do, the organization is the key to success. So, why the thousands of people think that they are able to avoid the responsible approach when it comes to moving?

This article is called upon to describe the nuances of the organization of the probably the most stressful, exhausting, and long day of your life.

Here we talk about how to create the moving calendar to save your time, money, and nerves.

So, at first, be prepared for :

Customize And Prioritize Your House Move Timeline

The only one moment when you able to say with all responsibility that this moving calendar checklist is yours when you make sure that all tasks are customized for your needs.

find local moversMost of the tasks are generic and it will be rational to borrow them all. After this, you should check them thoroughly and customize each of them for your needs.

The very important thing is the prioritize your timeline for moving. You should remember that not the all of move-related tasks have the same urgency labels attached to them.

The customization of the office move timeline is not very different from your house move timeline. Except that there will be much more items and you will have to communicate much more with employees. But this is not bad. You will be able to distribute responsibilities.

Like a commander on the eve of the decisive battle, you set tasks and priorities. For example, the low priority has the packing of your kitchen households than the raid on your storage areas. As the wise warlord, you know that the packing stuff in the garage, basement, attic, or closet, sorting all the belongings there will take much more time than the same activity in the kitchen.

You are sitting, thinking and prioritizing. Only you and nobody else can complete this job. So we will go to the example of the

Timeline For Moving

Here we collected some of the most important points of the 8 weeks moving house timeline. We offer to borrow a few of those ideas to customize your own calendar.

So, let's start

8 Weeks Before Moving Day

  • Complete a list of reputable, reliable and experienced movers. Compare the moving companies you find.
  • Check a USDOT number of the winner.
  • Check the user reviews or better use online tools.
  • Create and start to customize your own moving calendar.
  • Create the list of your household belongings.
  • Determine which of them you can get rid of.
  • Get rid of them.
  • Find a binder and keep all your essential move related paperwork in it.

6 Weeks Before

  • The right time to find the local movers and hire help assistance.
  • Take care of the medical records
  • Collect the packing supply.
  • Take care of changing postal address.
  • Start to find the medical supply at the new place.

4 Weeks Before

  • It's packing time! Start to use your moving packing timeline.
  • Learn carefully the moving tips what to pack first.
  • Add to your timeline for moving out of state the task to learn the rules of moving potted plants to your destination state.
  • Deny all of your subscriptions to services and memberships to avoid overcharging.

3 Weeks Before

3 weeks before moving is a perfect time for the:

  • hiring packing help;
  • arranging the cutting off all your current utilities shortly after your moving and dealing with the utility companies in your new city to have the major city services switched on when you arrive.

2 Weeks Before

  • Good time to learn the 10 mistakes when moving. Then contract with your moving company to check the status.
  • Take care of disassembling your big furniture pieces to speed up the packing process. If you are out of the moving timeline checklist hire the packing assistant.
  • Try to reserve the elevator at your starting point and the destination if possible.

2 Days Before The Moving Day

  • moving tips what to pack firstYour moving packing timeline has to be ended.
  • Find and check your valuables. Check all the hidden areas of your house.
  • Clean your household equipment.
  • Finish all packing processes.
  • Finish all preparations.
  • Call your movers to reconfirm the status.
  • Stay cool.

The Moving Day

  • Wake up early in the morning.
  • Clean your teeth, pack the bathroom stuff.
  • Walk around the house and find forgotten things, pack them.
  • Say hi to movers.
  • Very carefully read and sign the documentation they give to you.
  • Be ready to pay some tips (usually $50 in NYC) for each of your movers.
  • Be sure to give your exact address for the truck driver. Also, be sure he knows the way.
  • Close your house and begin your trip.