What To Pack First When Moving?

items to pack first when moving for the first time

One of the most usual issue you can face is the order of packing. The relocation is the start of the new period of your life. So, the question of what you will take along is quite serious. Given that moving is not a cheap process, it becomes more important to get rid of extra weight. Here we collected moving tips what to pack first that can be useful for both the first-time move and the experienced traveler.

How To Choose The Items To Pack First When Moving For The First Time?

There are three piles of property which you own. Your first step is to sort them.

You have to start this process approximately one month before moving. Prepare the stickers, markers, boxes, and duct tape. Be ready for labeling each of the box or package. It will be better to use the colored stickers for each room: yellow for the kitchen, red for the bathroom or something like this.

The Room To Pack First When Moving Is Your Storage Room.

Doing like this, you will never forget about any of the rarely used things that might be valuable and useful for your new home. Think about the place where you will sort your stuff. Now when you are ready, go to the storage and start to sort your items on three big piles.pack when moving out for the first time

1) "This is my life, I'll take them along in any case"

  • the items you daily use, clothes, shoes, toothbrush, notebook, charger for the notebook and phone, stereo, TV set, etc;
  • sentimental items, connected with memories, prizes, certificates, books, etc;
  • the collectibles, tools, musical instruments, hobby stuff, etc.

Probably, you can add any other points to this list. The main idea is to find yourself in the new place with stuff you really need

2) "This is a good stuff and there are thousands of people who really need this, but I'm not"

  • put in this pile the items, which you can donate, sell, or just rid off.

Just sit and think for a minute whom you can make the donation, which of your friends will be happy to get some of the items of this heap, and how you can sell the other part of them.

3) "Oh, this is just a trash!"

This pile consists of garbage and everything that you did not include in the previous two. Get rid of it immediately, before you will start to re-estimate the contents of this heap.

As soon as you disposed of the second and third piles go to the first one and start packing first the most rarely used items.

You have always to remember that the item packed last will be taken first. That's why the most rarely used things you have to pack first when moving to a new house. Needless to say, that you will be too busy of the improvement of the house for a first few weeks for paying attention to your audio CD collection for example.

There are a few simple rules you have to keep in mind:

  • count, documented, and register the current condition of the each of your items;
  • clean and pack each moving detail;
  • empty any tanks;
  • be ready for the move in about a month.

pack last when movingThus the first things to pack when moving are the rarely used items. On the second step, you have to pack the non-essential things. These are the items you can live without for a few weeks such as :

  • decorations and artwork souvenirs;
  • collectibles, hobby items;
  • multimedia discs collections, stereo, computer games consoles, big TVs;
  • collections of the off-season clothes, shoes, and accessories;
  • specialized kitchenware.

The Next Rooms For Packing.

You have to use the following rule: the next room has to be more commonly used then previous.

The the kitchen, the kids’ room, the bedroom, and the bathroom has to be pack last when moving. Things people forget to pack when moving are usually placed in the rarely used rooms. And in the most prominent places.

Don't Forget To Check The Most Prominent Places.

Usually, people forget to pack when moving out for the first time the items which are in the most prominent places. The framed pictures, collections of firearms, porcelains - here is not a complete list of the valuable items which were forgotten at the old places. It is strongly recommended after the completion of the packing thoroughly check your old place paying special attention to the walls, fireplace boards, built-in wardrobes, and drawers.

Professional Pack And Load Service.

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