What To Do Several Weeks Before Moving Day?

moving calendar

If you really care about your successful relocation you have to start your preparation 8 weeks before the Moving day.

You may not believe, but this is the result of the many years' experience: the best time to start worrying about your relocation is nearly 8 weeks before.

Did we say "worrying"?

Forget it.

Here we will prove that with a proper planning you have nothing to worry about.

Things You Should Do A Few Weeks Before Moving.

Please, note, this is just an advice and you have to plan, customize, and prioritize your timeline on your own only. This is just advice, not a law.

The first thing to do is to create your moving calendar. This is quite easy. There are various templates for moving calendar and reasonable tips on how to customize and prioritize your moving calendar timeline.

In brief, you have to:

  • create the binder for the moving documents;
  • decide on your moving type, whether you will do it yourself or hire a professional moving company.

Sure, the best way is to hire professional movers with professional packing services, especially since you have valuable furniture. Please, note, a lot of insurance companies simply deny ensuring the valuable furniture if it is not packed by licensed packing companies.

If You Decided To Pack On Your Own You Have To Find And Acquire The Various Packing Materials Such As:

  • newspapers;
  • old blankets;
  • shrink plastic wrap;
  • bubble wrap;
  • duct tape;
  • boxes.

Don't forget about stickers and markers. This is important to pack your stuff according to the rooms it belonged. The neglect of the informative labels can lead to the total disaster.

Deal with your employer:

  • will he or she provide the moving expense benefits?

Compare Moving CompaniesTake care of your house:

  • plan and make milestones in your moving timeline for the disconnection/connection of utilities at the old and new place;
  • go and check your storage facilities if needed;
  • go and check your household equipment;
  • plan the placement of your furniture in the new apartments. Create a floor plan or sketch.

You have to check your bulky belongings. You have to think about how you will move:

  • vehicles,
  • potted plants,
  • domestic pets,
  • valuables.

It's a perfect time to check again all the hidden places around the house to find your treasures. Check portable and built-in safes.

Get rid of the trash. It will be the rational move to:

  • go and start a garage sale;
  • make the gifts and donation for your friends and neighbors,
  • sell the items you didn't use for a long time;

You have to get rid of all the unwanted possessions before you get to pack it for moving - this will save your money.

The Other Steps Are Not So Onerous But Also Have To Be done:

  • you have to get all copies of any records needed;
  • complete any home repairs that you have committed to making;
  • borrowed, checked-out, and rented items have to be returned;
  • your lent things have to be returned also.

Don't forget to start using up a food you have stored. What will you do with half of a frozen pig during the travel across the country?

Usually, 3 weeks before moving you have to pay attention to the next points:

  • you have to decide, finally, your moving method and finalize the arrangements;
  • start packing bulky and non-essential items;
  • choose the valuable items to transport yourself;
  • collect in a box the things necessary on the Moving day;
  • make an inventory list of the box content including serial numbers
  • of major items;
  • fill out a Change of Address form and notify about a change of address all whom it may concern:
    • insurance company;
    • credit card company;
    • employers;
    • family & friends;
    • attorney;
    • accountant;
    • others.

Don't forget to cancel automated payment plans and local accounts/memberships if necessary. And, of course, take your vehicles in for a tune-up, especially if you are traveling very far.

The 1 week before moving checklist will look something like this:

  • find local moversseparately pack the items that you will need right away at your new place;
  • you have to take the day off for moving day;
  • find babysitter or someone to help watch children on the Moving day;
  • prepare your personal stuff for the trip;
  • call again and reconfirm your arrangements with your movers or help assistance;
  • check your prescriptions;
  • disassemble your furniture if necessary;
  • check your paperwork for the old and new place;
  • call to your credit card company to prevent automated deactivation if you are moving cross country;
  • make sure to get rid of flammables such as paint, propane, and gasoline;

In general, one week before moving you should be almost ready to jump into the saddle and ride off into the sunset.

Thoroughly check your day before moving checklist and try to sleep well - the Moving day has coming but you are ready and have nothing to worry about.

In Conclusion

We must note, that the easiest way to find local movers which are trustworthy is to use online tools. Anyway, you have to compare moving companies on your own.

When compared don't forget to check a USDOT Number. This will help you to avoid unpleasant surprises with your belongings.