How To Move Furniture With Glass Doors?

packing furniture for moving

No matter if it would be an antique china cabinet with glass doors or the modern sideboard all of them has the glass surfaces. These details looks really beautiful however makes moving more difficult. No need to say that you have to be utmost careful when trying to move the glass details or doors for both safety and monetary reasons.

Here a few advice on how to move furniture with glass doors with a maximum care.

First of all, you should

Clean The Shelves And Take Out The Entire Contents Of Your Cabinet.

There is a very big temptation to leave all stuff in their places just wrapping by bubble wrap, moving blankets, pads, or just packing paper. Especially if you are planning to move to the short distance.

Don't even think about this. The result will be horrible. You will lose not only all fragile content of your cabinet but the glass shelves will be broken for sure. This is a very bad idea, just forget it.

You have to remove all contents from the shelves and pack it into the prepared boxes, wrapping with newspapers or bubble wrap, label and check in your packing list. Then you should remove the shelves by sliding them out of the thin slots they are upheld in.

Then you have to pack glass shelves for moving. You have to wrap them by the soft cloth or paper. it will be a good idea to use old newspapers, packing paper, or bubble wrap. You should be very delicate and attentive.

The next step you should do is:

Take Off The Doors.

best packing materials for movingYou have to disassemble your furniture if there is even one pair of the glass doors. This is not a very hard task if you are ready for this and have been prepared with a right set of tools. Use flat or Phillips screwdrivers to remove the screws that attach the hinge. In the process be sure to keep doors gently because the weight of the door can cause it to become unhinged and fall.

Don't forget to keep all screws, fasteners, and bolts in a plastic bag exactly in time you remove them. Then tape them to the bottom of the fixture so they don't get misplaced.

Now you are ready to pack glass doors. This process is not very different from preparing to pack glass shelves for shipping. Use blankets, newspapers, and bubble wrap to wrapping the glass doors. Then tape them by duct tapes.

In any case, you must avoid contacting duct tape with a wood surface. The sticky substance can ruin wood for life.

After the wrapping, you should slide glass doors to the special carton boxes, the mirror boxes, which are specifically designed for the glass door shipping. You should buy them before when you bought packaging materials.

So, your glass door furniture has been disassembled, glass doors and glass shelves has been packed and you are ready to

Wrapping The Furniture

In a frame of this article, it is quite hard to describe all details how to make packing furniture for moving easy and reliable. But we can give the generic advice which you can use for any kind of furniture, not only glass doors cabinets.

Here it is: hire the packing services professionals. The point is that if your furniture is antique and really valuable, you should to insure it. But most of the insurance companies will deny ensuring the moving if the packing was not made by the licensed professional packing services. Unfortunately this is reality and by and large, this approach is not devoid of rationality. For example, the grandfather's clock must pack and prepare for the moving by licensed professionals only.

bubble wrap for movingBut if you still decided to do it yourself you have to:

  • wrap by blankets and furniture pads;
  • roll around your furniture by shrink plastic cover;
  • tape it by duct tape;
  • use bubble wrap for moving to secure better the most valuable fragile items.

Always use the best packing materials for moving. No doubt the relocation is not a cheap process and we always looking the way to save but this is not the best way to save on packing materials. Just compare the price of your furniture and possible restoration price with packing materials price.