Best Packing Materials For Moving: Bubble Wrap VS Packing Paper

best free packing materials for moving

Why not save some cash on the packing material for moving?

Why not find the old boxes for free, use old clothes instead of special packing materials?

You have a ton of old newspapers, ads printed flyers, spam brochures, booklets, etc.

Why should you pay a real money for literally trash you throw out every day?


Because you are a smart guy and already knew, that the saving on the packing materials will lead to the injuring of your expensive furniture and belongings and the restoration will cost you much more than just a piece of the new bubble wrap.

Yes, sir, you are not used to paying twice.

The Best Possible Protection Cannot Be Done With Old Boxes Or Substitute Padding Materials. By Any Chance, You Need The:

  • brand new cardboard boxes;
  • specialized moving boxes;
  • packing paper;
  • packing peanuts;
  • bubble wrap;
  • foam sheets;
  • shrink plastic wrap.

You have to add for this:

  • duct tapes;
  • stickers;
  • markers.

The extremely important are bubble wrap for moving the home depot and packing paper.

They both have the same purpose - to protect the surface from scratches and injuries.

But one of them is preferable.


Which Type Of The Wrap Is Preferable? Paper VS Bubble Wrap For Moving Home Depot.

Both of them provides the good protection but each of them has their bad or good sides.

Bubble Wrap For Moving The Home Depot: Advantages.

best bubble wrap for packingThis is the perfect wrap which provides the ultimate protection against shocks and vibrations during the transportation Also it can prevent an item from breaking if it is accidentally dropped. This effect is reaching by the evenly distributed air-filled bubbles

  • It can ideally fit any surfaces, shapes, allowing you to ensure the safety of your valuable items;
  • The cheap bubble wrap for moving house comes in various forms and sizes. You are able to find the appropriate type of packing in a fast and easy way.
  • It weighs almost nothing, so, you can be sure that using it will not affect the total costs of your moving;
  • The bubble wrap materials are much more cheap packing materials for moving than other specialized wrapping materials like foam sheets, for example;
  • This is not disposable material. You can reuse it many times. In the same way, you are saving money on packing materials for your next move;
  • In conclusion it is fun! Bursting air bubbles is believed to have a therapeutic effect. It is calming the nerves and reducing stress. Use your plastic packaging bubble wrap for the many entertaining handmade things.

But the using of the bubble wrap inside or outside when packing leads to some inconvenient things we must specify.The bubble wrap is bulky and not as delicate, as cheap, and as easily recyclable as packing paper.

Packing Paper For Moving House: Cheap, Soft, And Smooth.

Do you ever think about why the packing paper is the perfect choice for wrapping household items for moving?

  • It is absolutely impossible to harm or mar the surfaces in any way if you are using packing paper. Wrap the most delicate possessions like fine artwork, china, wood finishes, etc. Fill the packing boxes and be sure of the safety of the content;
  • The packing paper is perfectly wrapped closely around the item and secure against scratches, dust, and dirt;
  • The moving boxes and packing paper leaves more room for useful content than the same moving boxes and bubble wrap. The padding materials like bubble wrap, towels, or pieces of clothing, are good for moving but are very voluminous compared to paper.
  • The packing paper allows packed kitchenware which was wrapped individually to stack together easily.
  • Amortization properties of paper grow when it crumples. This option provides the excellent cushioning in a box;
  • The producing of the packing paper requires very little energy. From the other side, it can be fully and easily recycled and biodegrade quickly when discarded.
  • The packing paper is cheap and easy to get which is made it one of the best packing materials for moving house.

Basing on all the aforesaid the packing paper is a good bubble wrap alternative packaging. But packing paper cannot provide the heavy duty protection some household items need during a move. After all, this is just a paper.

Don't Forget:

Both bubble wrap and crumpled packing paper are great to use to fill the voids in a moving box.

The differences we noticed above make them more affordable for cushioning certain objects and less appropriate for padding others.

Packing Paper Or Bubble Wrap: When To Use Which?

moving cost calculatorWhat items are best to pack with packing paper.
In general, the packing paper is your best choice for protecting lightweight delicate items and fine surfaces:

  • dishes and plates;
  • wall mirrors and pictures;
  • ancient and valuable books;
  • glass shelves;
  • glass cabinet doors;
  • glass table tops;
  • any other glass furniture parts;
  • polished furniture pieces;
  • fine wood finishes.

What Items Are The Best To Pack With Bubble Wrap?

Actually, anything with bubble wrap, of course, but some items require the using of the bubble wrap much more than another.
Extremely fragile items:

  • stemmed glasses;
  • chinaware;
  • vases;
  • lamps.

Antique and valuable items:

  • pieces of art;
  • protruding furniture parts;
  • toys;
  • accessories.

Sensitive to shocks items:

  • electronic and electrical devices;
  • antiques;
  • fine furniture.

The Final Advice Is All The Same:

packing servicesbetter hire one of the professional packing services.

Your licensed professional mover will not only provide the moving supplies. It will guarantee getting the premium from insurance companies.

They will help you to find the best bubble wrap for packing, best packing paper, and all other packing materials for moving.

You should remember that the easiest way to find the best free packing materials for moving is to use the online tools in a full-service pack.

One of the best of these tools is moving cost calculator.