How To Prevent Injury To Your Furniture During Moving?

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Very easy: hire professional movers. But if you decided to do this on your own keep the following rules:

Disassemble Your Furniture

You have to disassemble your furniture as far as you can.

You have to decide which pieces of the furniture to take apart. You should take into consideration the following criteria :

  • the size of the assembled item;
  • the sizes of the doorways you need to move your stuff;
  • the size of a narrow staircase.

Bear in mind the fragile and valuable items you need to move.

10 mistakes when movingAlways remember you have a camera. Don't forget to take pictures of the assembled item and the process of the disassembling. Make a step by step pictures, it will be very useful when you will reassemble your furniture in the new place.

  • Get the right tools :
    • a flat head and Phillips head screwdriver;
    • a small hex wrench;
  • Evaluate which pieces you have to disassemble;
  • Find the disassembling points;
  • Use your tools for disassembling;
  • Attach the fasteners, bolts to the disassemble points by duct tape.

After your furniture has been disassembled you should sort the furniture details by belonging to the certain furniture item. For example, the pieces of a table have to be sorted into one bunch.

Then you have to wrap it by furniture wrap material.

Prepare Furniture For Packing And Moving.

You should be prepared for packing as soon as your furniture has been disassembled. It will be great to have the following packing supplies:

  • packing blankets for furniture or furniture pads - you have to wrap furniture in blankets to prevent the polished surfaces from the damage. You can use old blankets or purchase some in a packing supplies store. No matter how hard you try your furniture will be prone to shocks and shaking. The thick blankets will prevent them from damages;
  • a plastic wrap for moving furniture - by winding a roll around the piece of furniture you will easily pack any detail of your items. You have to wrap each piece of furniture to keep the blankets or pads from shifting during the move.
  • moving tape for furniture - this kind of duct tape will be very useful to secure the hardware and wrapping materials from shifting and losing.
  • bubble wrap - the ideal material for packing fragile items, bar stools, wooden furniture. This is a pliable transparent plastic material which is the best solution for the packing various fragile items. The bubbles, air-filled hemispheres, provides shock absorption and protection for fragile items;
  • packing paper - don't hesitate to use the newspaper or various packing paper to wrap your lamps or other fragile items. This material is much cheaper than bubble wrap but for valuable fragile stuff, it will be better to use bubble wrap for sure.

Furniture Wrap For Moving

You should carefully wrap furniture in blankets or pads. The old thick blankets will be the great solution or you can use some moving specific blankets from a moving supply. It will be better to start from the end and wrap around to cover the entire piece thoroughly. Don't forget to cover the top and the bottom. Make sure you cover all surface.

plastic furniture covers for movingWrap the plastic furniture covers for moving over the blankets and pads and secure with duct tape.

If you have not enough blankets you need furniture pads for moving. You are able to use decorative furniture pads or old pads. Wrap them over by shrink plastic and fixed by duct tape.

The shrink wrap for furniture is very useful if you need to pack the little fasteners, bolts, or small parts of furniture.

If you need extra protection level for the certain items you have to use bubble wrap. Add it over the plastic wrap and fix it by duct tape. This method especially good for the packing wood furniture.

In Conclusion: Be Careful During Relocation.

Always use blankets to protect your furniture in the truck. There is a risk that your furniture is made from particle board and can be much more fragile than you can imagine.

Always use the best bubble wrap for packing and check them before purchase. An inexperienced consumer is able to buy the poor quality bubble wrap and it can be the cause of the damage your fragile and valuable belongings.

Don't stop reading us and be sure to read the article about the top 10 mistakes when moving. Even ideal disassembling and packing will not save you from the various bad surprises when you are moving.