What Is The Average Cost To Move A Piano?

average cost to move a piano

The process of moving a piano significantly differs from moving any other piece of furniture. Usually, pianos provide a great sentimental value and have been passed down from generation to generation. Moving this expensive musical instrument is a real challenge because it weighs about 400 - 800 pounds and is very delicate and awkward at the same time. Moreover, if you’re moving a piano the wrong way, it may be damaged or turned out of tune which is the most important thing. This is exactly why it’s recommended to hire the best piano moving company that has all the resources and proper equipment to make sure the piano gets the destination safely. Depending on many different factors including the size, the type of an instrument and many others, the average cost to move a piano ranges between $350-$1100 locally.

piano moving company

Of course, moving the instrument is expensive and it can be tempting to do it yourself and save money. Just ask yourself a simple question. Is it worth the risks? By trying to cut down the expenses you may end up losing even more money, injuring yourself or causing damage to your piano. While a piano looks bulky, it’s very delicate containing more than 1000 small parts that can be damaged during the move. Only qualified movers providing piano moving service have the experience and the expertise to relocate a piano safely.

The Factors That Influence The Cost Of Moving A Piano

  1. Distance. The distance between the pickup and delivery locations plays a significant part in piano moving cost. If you’re moving locally within the same city, you may expect to pay around $350 - $1100 depending on the difficulty level of transportation and type of piano. It’s recommended to find local movers beforehand in order to get the best deal. For long-distance relocation, you may expect to pay between $600-$2000.
  2. Size and type of piano. Movers will need to know the type, size and model of your piano in order to give you an accurate estimate and determine tools and labor required for the task.
  3. Time of the move. The time you choose determine the price you’ll pay. If it’s possible, choose the mover providing piano moves and packing moving services far in advance. This way you’ll find a professional moving company at a reasonable price. Usually, the more flexible you are in terms of time the more money you can save.
  4. Difficulty level. Different obstacles increase the difficulty of moving a piano and the final cost. It’s noteworthy that you can expect to pay around $100 for every flight of stairs. It’s wise to obtain moving insurance to protect your piano during the relocation.

The Cost Of Moving Different Piano Types

In some cases, movers charge according to the type of a piano. Of course, the exact cost depends on numerous factors. The following table will give the idea of the average cost of moving your piano type locally without any obstacles.

Type of piano Cost
Players upright piano $350 - $600
Baby grand piano $500 - $800
Grand piano $700 - $1100

Where To Find A Reliable Piano Mover?

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It’s wise to use a QQ moving cost calculator in order to find a trustworthy piano moving company and determine the average cost of the relocation.

All you need to do is input the information regarding the type, the size of your piano and the distance between the pickup and delivery locations.

In only several minutes, we’ll choose the best long distance movers and local carriers specializing in this field and calculate the average cost of the move.