Piano Moving Services

Moving is always a challenge, especially if you need to move such heavy and bulky item as a piano. Not only this musical instrument is expensive, it also provides a sentimental value to its owners. Many happy memories may be attached with a piano that has been in the family for generations. This is the reason why it’s so important to keep it safe throughout the entire moving process. It’s not an easy thing to do considering the size of the instrument. Moving a piano yourself may lead to damage or even injury. Luckily, there are piano moving companies that have the expertise and proper equipment to make sure this valuable item reaches the destination undamaged.

Pianos are not only heavy and awkward instruments internally, rough handling may also completely ruin their sound which is the most important thing. For example, upright and grand pianos have numerous moving parts including keys, strings and hammers which can be ruined in case of improper care during the relocation. A professional piano moving company will make sure to secure the moving parts to prevent any possible damage. Regardless of the type of the piano you need to move, spinets, grands or uprights, a trustworthy mover providing piano moving services will handle every detail of the relocation in order to keep the instrument safe.

We provide expert piano moving service:

Moving a piano long-distance is a difficult task requiring special moving equipment and trucks with air ride systems to limit jostling an instrument in transit. Proper packing shouldn’t be underestimated because heat, cold and humidity may ruin a piano. Whether you’re moving across the street or between the states, you’re guaranteed to find reliable movers with reasonable rates which will carry out the relocation promptly and smoothly. Usually, mover provides a wide range of services including lifting, storage, packing services, dismantling and many others according to your specific requirements.

Moving a piano may be expensive due to numerous reasons. However, it’s possible to find a carrier specialized in this field fitting any budget. In this case, then finding a piano mover ahead of time is necessary. This is a great way to get the best deal or a discount. On our website, you may request an estimate from any mover and get a piano moving quote in order to determine the cost of moving the instrument. This simple step will help you set a realistic budget for moving a piano and avoid unnecessary expenses.

How to find the best piano moving company?

Our platform provides a comprehensive list of trustworthy local and long distance moving companies in:

You can find a detailed information about each company providing piano moving service, read their customers’ reviews and choose the one you like. Furthermore, you can request an estimate from any moving company you’re interested in, compare the offers from several movers and choose among the best moving companies in the US.

Cost of piano moving – calculate quote using QQ calculator

It’s a good idea to use a QQ moving cost calculator in order to determine the cost of a piano moving in NYC or any other location. All you need to do is input the information regarding the type, the size of the move, your location and final destination. Also, make sure to specify whether there is a need to lift the piano up the stairs prior to making a request. In only several minutes, we’ll choose an affordable and reliable mover specialized in relocating a piano and providing quality furniture moving service.

Minimum cost of moving a piano

The exact cost of moving a piano depends on your specific requirements and needs but the minimum amount is $350 and up. By placing a quote and receiving offers from different carriers, you will have an understanding of approximate prices for moving a piano. Also, you are welcome to use our online moving calculator for getting the final estimate.