How To Pack Dishes For Moving?

to pack dishes for a long distance move

Any relocation includes dishware moving. Although it seems that moving heavy furniture is the most difficult event, the transportation of breakable things might be quite challenging. However little belongings you have, there are probably several dishes and cups and much other fragile tableware you want to keep unbroken.

When you relocate, and especially if you do for the first time, make a checklist for moving; it won't allow you to forget important things to do and to buy. Organizing transportation with the help of carriers, you do not have to worry about many things, but if you pack things by yourself, then much you will need to know.

Packing china dishes and glasses for moving, better to follow to some rules and tips, that don't need some special knowledge but let you save all your glassware, dishes and plates unscathed.

Proper Packing Supplies

moving boxes for dishes and glasswareA fragile item packing is challenging, so look at the list of some necessary accessories for secure packing.

  • Special moving boxes for dishes and glassware. Most likely, you need the special boxes, dish pack and glass packs. These boxes are designed exactly for packing fragile and heavy things and can hold the weight of your dishes. Or it can be any other cartons, but they must be sturdy enough to not bend under a strain of dishes. Better to use new, not recycled cartons with a lot of cardboard. You can buy cheap boxes for moving, but make sure they are strong and don't let you down. Gauge a size of your tableware, most probably the boxes of different sizes will be required. Don't use the large boxes and packets, the middle-sized and small cartons are ideal.
  • Packing tape. The more qualitative packing tape the saver your dishware will be kept. You can use the tape to improve seam security of your boxes, as well. And it will be better to use more than 1 layer of the tape.
  • Packing paper, newsprint or bubble wrap. Using of ordinary packing paper is perfect, but the newspapers are fine too. They are cheap and appropriate to pack dishes for a long distance move, but may leave an ink on the cutlery. Bubble wrap is perfect to pack some glassware, vases, cups, but the towels, rags and some clothes are suitable too, and plus they are cheaper.
  • Markers. It's very important thing to warn everybody who will move these boxes by writing "Fragile". And it's useful to mark boxes writing its content to find needed items during unpacking at the arrival location.

Secure Packing Helpers

Have no time to buy all that supplies and painstakingly wrap the dishes, plates, and other stuff? Use the help of professional packing services, who provide fast and ease cutlery and glassware packing. Avoid cheap movers, who may use recycled or low-quality boxes, pack the tableware helter-skelter, so not all your belongings will get to the location in one piece.

When Do You Need A Help Of Packing Helpers?

  • You have a limited time;
  • You want to focus on more important things;
  • You value your tableware and want it intact;
  • You prefer to let professionals do their job;
  • You prefer to spend a little money to save your belongings exactly as they were.

Tips To Pack Dishes To Move

professional packing servicesIf you want to wrap cutlery by yourself, here are some piece of advice.

  1. You hardly use too much paper. No matter how much paper you have most likely all of that will be used to fill the boxes: the tighter plates, glasses and other fragile stuff will be packed the better. Don't grudge paper to pack dishes when moving, use at least in 2-3 sheets per every item.
  2. Fill the bottom of the box and create a cushion. Use crushed paper, folded towels, linens, some clothes.
  3. Wrap all items in clean paper or bubble wrap. Use several sheets of the paper. Put an item on the corner of a paper; wrap it around and roll diagonally across the sheet. Put the end of the sheet into the bowl or stick it with a tape.
  4. The best way to pack china dishes for moving, as well as glasses or cups is to wrap each item individually and then bundle them, but not more than 3 items in each one.
  5. Put the heavier and larger plates, dishes and other vessels on the bottom of the box.
  6. Put plates vertically. Sure, it's simpler to put them horizontally, one on top of another, but it's the best way to smash them.
  7. Fill empty spaces with crushed paper, clothes or other stuff.
  8. Write the "Fragile" in big letters on each box with the breakable items.

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