How To Move Heavy Furniture?

move heavy furniture up stairs by yourself

Moving furniture is a physical challenge. When it’s time to move, you should know that some moving tasks are more difficult than the others and require special attention. Moving furniture by yourself without the help of moving experts is a tremendous physical challenge you don’t want to take on. Incredibly difficult, moving heavy furniture on wood floors or though the house can ruin the furniture, floors, and your back. However, there is a way to carry out a safe household goods move without all these risks. The following tips will help you move heavy furniture on hardwood floors, carpet, upstairs or downstairs without any damages. It’s useful to know what the entire process looks like and what to expect. Find out the following things to help move heavy furniture.

What Kind Of Tools Will You Need?

Consider hiring packing service for moving from a trustworthy moving company if you have no idea how to get it done safely. To move heavy furniture upstairs by yourself, you’ll need the following equipment:

best way to move heavy furniture up stairsYou’ll need the following equipment.

  • Furniture sliders. Furniture sliders are the pieces of durable plastic with a rubber surface that permit sliding heavy items across ceramic tiles, hardwood floors, as well as carpets. Moving heavy furniture on wood floors with the help of this amazing tool will be a piece of cake. The sliders should be placed under each corner or leg of the item in order to reduce the friction between the floor and furniture. Furniture sliders can be purchased from any goods store or local mover. Remember that you can always hire help with moving heavy furniture, which will save your time, energy and effort.
  • Moving straps. Although straps are useful tools, they can easily injure you if you don’t know how to use them. Moving straps connect to your shoulders and shift the main weight of the heavy item off your back to stronger muscle groups. Again, lifting straps can be purchased from your local goods store or local carriers.
  • A moving dolly. Every professional mover providing quality moving services knows that moving dollies are among the best tools in the game. Rollers for moving heavy furniture can be used instead of furniture sliders, but require taking additional steps. First, the furniture pieces should be secured properly with a help of strings or rope. Second, moving dollies require at least two people for proper steering and navigation. This is the best way to move heavy furniture on carpet or any other surface.

Moving Heavy Furniture On Carpet

It may seem like sliding heavy furniture on a carpet is easy. However, large furniture pieces create friction with the carpet, making it a total nightmare. What is an easy way to move heavy furniture on a carpet?

To prevent heavy pieces of furniture from damage, use special furniture sliders for carpeted floors. Place a slider underneath every corner or leg of a furniture piece. Make sure to ask a friend or hire helpers to avoid dangerous tipping. Use proper tools for moving heavy furniture.

Moving Heavy Furniture On Hardwood Floors

It’s extremely important to prevent your hardwood floors from scratching during the relocation. Therefore, duly note that furniture sliders can still leave scratches in your hardwood floors. Instead, use a moving dolly with special rubber wheels designed for wood floors. Moving heavy furniture on hardwood floors is a difficult task, but everything’s possible if you take your time and follow these tips.

Moving Heavy Furniture Upstairs

Moving heavy pieces of furniture by yourself is extremely challenging, let alone moving them upstairs. Beyond the weight, shapes and sizes of the pieces become most important. In this case, the best way to move heavy furniture upstairs is to remove some parts of the furniture piece (if possible).


move heavy furniture up stairs by yourselfIf you have no experience moving heavy furniture alone, we recommend you don’t start today. It’s especially risky to move heavy furniture upstairs by yourself without proper equipment and additional help. Hiring reliable movers can fix the problem, however.

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