How To Move A Washer And Dryer Machines?

move a washing machine up stairs by yourself

A household appliance is a really expensive equipment. Nevertheless, you should think twice before making a decision to move it to a new home. You have to be sure that they are in good shape and working order so you can continue to use the appliances for many years. It would be a pity to make a lot of efforts to move washer and dryer by yourself or hiring professional moving services and finally found that they are not working properly.

Each appliance will require a different approach to get them ready for moving. This is really important to prepare properly washers and dryers for storage and keep them protected from any possible damage due to transportation.

First of all consult owner's manual for specific manufacturer instructions on transportation. I can guarantee that you find a lot of things you never heard before.

So let's begin to prepare your washing appliance for moving.

Your first step has to be the creation of the checklist.

Here Is The Sample Checklist For Moving You Can Use For The Moving Washer And Dryer Machines.

  • Cost estimation

Estimate the cost to move washer and dryer hookups. Include in the cost estimation the cost of the equipment for moving heavy furniture. Notice that if moving washer and dryer upstairs from the basement the availability of various ropes, ratchet tie-down straps is necessary. Don’t forget about furniture blankets to cover your equipment.

Also, don't forget to include the expenses on rent a truck if you do not plan to use your own pickup. If you decide to find the best moving companies in the US try to use the cost calculator . It will help you to find the best service in appropriate costs.

How To Prepare Your Washer And Dryer For Packing?

  • Disconnect them

Be very careful and focused when you are disconnecting high-voltage equipment from electric supply. Use special protected tools to avoid electric shock. When you are starting to disconnect gas supply make sure the room is well ventilated and you have all needed tools to cut off the gas supply.

Must be completely and safely disconnected:

  • Gas - shutting off any gas supply valves behind gas dryers;
  • Water - the drain hose should be removed from its standpipe;
  • Electric supply - switch off any electric breakers;

Here is the sample list of tools and materials you may need to disconnect your appliance:

  • Washing and dryer instruction manual;
  • Slip-joint pliers;
  • Bucket;
  • Duct tape;
  • Furniture blankets;
  • Dolly, hand truck, furniture casters or additional blanket/towel to slide the machine.

If you decided to move washer and dryer by yourself be careful when you pulling your units from the wall. The hidden electrical, gas and water connections may be still connected and can be damaged.

  • Clean & air dry

After the disconnection from all supply lines, you have to wipe your appliances with a damp cloth and mild cleaner to remove dust and grime. Pay special attention to remove water from your washer. Leave the washer door open for 24 hours after disconnection the water supply to ensure that your washer is completely dry and free of moisture to prevent mold.

  • Secure the drum

When you are moving washer and dryer hookups, you have to fix the drum to avoid costly damage in transit. Many appliance manufacturers offer washer moving kits but you can find the bolts or moving pins and secure the drum by your own to keep it stationary during transit.

How To Pack Washing Machine For Moving?

Make sure that the door is closed. For top loaders close the lid. Fix it by duct tape. Secure the electrical cord to the back or side of the washer. Use furniture blankets to cover the whole machine ensuring it is covered completely. Use duct tape to secure blankets in place.

Now your washing machine is ready to move. You have to keep in mind that it has to stay upright during transportation. You should secure it to an outside wall of a moving container or moving vehicle with box straps to prevent any movement.

How To Pack Dryer For Moving?

Wrap the dryer in furniture blanket. Keep electric cord taping to the back or side. Repeat manipulations as you do with a washer.

How To Move Washer And Dryer From Basement To Vehicle?

best way to move a washing machineIf you decided to move a washing machine up stairs by yourself you have to notice that your washing machine can weigh up to 300 pounds. It's too much to handle on your own so you have to ask one or two friends for help. First, load your washer onto a dolly and carefully move it to the stairway from a basement. If you didn't find a dolly, lift each side of the washing machine until you have placed a furniture blanket completely underneath the washer. Pull the blanket with the washer on it to the stairway.

When you reach the first stair move slowly and very carefully using your legs to lift it on the next stair. Each time you are moving heavy furniture you must distribute load correctly. Never use your back to lift heavy furniture! This is extremely dangerous and may be a cause of spinal disease. Ask your friends for help.

That's why the best way to move a washing machine is to call professional stevedores.

To secure the washing machine inside the moving van use the rope or ratchet straps. Remember that it has to stay upright during transportation. Make sure not to place anything heavy on top of the washer as it could dent the top. But the light boxes are acceptable.

In conclusion, I have to say that the best result you can gain is by hiring professionals. The licensed mover company has the professional moving equipment and big experience in transportation heavy furniture including home appliance which can be very heavy and fragile at the same time. The easiest way to find appropriate moving companies is to use https://qqmoving.com service in order not to spend your time doing hard and dangerous job.

Let professionals do it for you.