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Moving is always a complicated logistic task. Also, financial scheduling can be an even a greater challenge depending on the moving distance and total weight and volume of client’s belongings. Using our moving cost calculator will give you the general idea about the cost of your move to let you be prepared financially.

Free online moving quote calculator is light and easy-to-use, not requiring any specific knowledge from you. Everything you need is to specify the total size of your belongings, starting and ending points of your move, using additional services like packing/unpacking, etc. and send the request. Considering all the data you entered we make the accurate and precise calculation of the cost and delivering time and will provide you the results in 5 minutes. You can see information about other local and long distance moving companies in Fort Lauderdale in our catalog.

Reviews of New Horizon Moving & Storage

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05 september 2022, 12:38

Fraud, Extortion, Destruction and Loss of Property
Please do not use, Blue Horizon Moving and Storage from Fort Lauderdale Florida. Not the Blue Horizon Moving from Pennsylvania who is a mover not the broker we dealt with. I apologize if there is any confusion.
. In April 2022, I searched the internet for movers, and soon after I received several unsolicited calls from New Horizon Moving and Storage. I decided to follow up on one of these calls. This was one of the worst decisions in my life.
At first, we thought they were legit. We ended up giving them $12000 to destroy my precious family heirlooms and belongings. We decided to use professional movers because we are in our 70s and disabled. We paid New Horizon extra for special handling and packaging of our prized possessions. We were charged for things we never received.
After my belongings did not arrive on the agreed-on date and not receiving any contact, we contacted New Horizon repeatedly requesting the location of our belongings and delivery schedule. After three calls, we eventually were told that they did not know where our belongings were but when they found them they would arrive in between 7 to 21 days. A couple of days before delivery, we received a call from Move Pro LLC. (This is the first time we learned that Move Pro LLC was our mover). We were told that our items would be delivered in a few days and to pay via money order (this would be our third and final payment). We did not hear from them again until a call on Sunday morning informing us that they would arrive in about 4 hours. We hired helpers at the last minute to remove our bed and other items to make room for the furniture.
They arrived about 10 hours later on Sunday evening in a Penski rental truck. The movers were unkempt and wore flip-flops. They only had one very cheap dolly. The furniture had not been padded or protected in any way. It was night but we could see that the boxes were crushed and seriously damaged. Once they received our money orders. At that point, they tried to extort more money from us. They refused to unload the truck unless they were given hundreds of dollars more. Finally, after about 30 minutes when we threatened to call the police they started throwing our belongings off the truck and scattered our belongings throughout our home.
We had paid New Horizon for special handling and packaging of my Lladro collection, the family heirlooms were smashed and broken. The movers had thrown them in a large empty box without any padding or packaging. My tiffany lamps were thrown into a garment box without any packaging or padding and were completely destroyed. Over half of the boxes were crushed and our belongings were destroyed. Our tv which we had paid for special packaging, was wrapped in a blanket and destroyed. Our furniture was scratched and pieces were missing.
The movers were very aggressive and intimidating. They tried to extort money from us a second time. They stopped unloading the truck and refused to move the rest of our belonging still in the truck. We had a standoff again. After 30 minutes we gave them $150 to unload the rest of our belongings. Pieces of our bed and other belongings were missing and thrown around our home. At 2 am, they refused to finish the job.
After three weeks, I still find myself crying. We hired two people to help us clean up the mess. We have already spent about $1000 to pay helpers. We still have about 75 boxes and bags to unpack. We have gone through about 20 boxes already and continue to find crushed and damaged belongings. This was not negligence this was intentional destruction of our property and retaliation because we refused to be extorted.
The next morning, we contacted Blue Horizon and the person who answered was very kind and listened to my crying and description of what was done to our property. We were emailed a claim form to complete which we completed and returned. We never heard back from New Horizon. After reading reviews of Move Pro LLC we learned that this was a consistent pattern and many others had similar experiences. I read more reviews and reread all of my correspondence with New Horizon, it became evident that there was some relationship between Move Pro, Capital Movers, and New Horizon. I did not hear back from New Horizon despite my passionate request for help, I was never contacted by Blue Horizons.
I called them again yesterday. Just retelling the story left me crying and in despair. When we did not hear back from New Horizon, I started filing complaints with the various agencies listed on Dot and state sites. It has been difficult to complete the forms because I live through this nightmare over again each time. We have pictures and a witness who was there for most of the time until we sent him home about midnight. We have not heard back from any of the agencies yet.
Please do not make the mistakes we made. Read reviews and use reputable movers.

01 september 2022, 00:03

Moving is always difficult, but New Horizon makes the experience truly horrible. My brother and I both used this company since we were moving at similar times, and it is obvious to us that their business practice is scam-like in nature. They did to my brother what they did to me- severely underquoted, required a hefty binding deposit after agreement, called a week before the move-out date with an "inventory check" that resulted in a 50-100% higher moving estimate than what was originally quoted, and charged even more on the actual move-out date because even more space than what was included after the "inventory check" did not cover what was needed on the truck. What is more, they are not a moving company. They are a broker, and the people that show up to take your belongings have high variance in professionalism. I had luck with my movers, but my brother did not. My furniture was well-wrapped and stored, and his was very poorly handled. He had 2 destroyed pieces of furniture, a broken floor lamp, holes in and scrapes on his leather couch, and noticeable scuffs on much else. If you continue to read the comments below mine, you will see that this is not an uncommon experience with New Horizon. I also recommend you look at their Better Business Bureau page to see their F rating. Do not let the initial price tag or any discounts they give fool you like they did us. Absolutely avoid them.

10 august 2022, 21:56

New Horizon Moving and Storage is beyond deceitful. They mislead you into thinking they are a reputable moving company when they provide you with a binding estimate that states they will be the main point of contact for your move going forward. Once you have signed the estimate with them and pay them a deposit, they will then contract out a criminal to pick up your life possessions.

My binding estimate was signed with New Horizon Moving and Storage. A deposit had been made and job number was given to me with a first available delivery date of 7/8/2022. They sent a "mover" to pick up everything I own on June 27th. The delivery spread per New Horizon's estimate stated that delivery was 6-14 days per the distance of my move. Per FMCSA the mover legally has 21 days (not including weekends or holidays) from the first available delivery date.

I called New Horizon Moving and Storage on 7/13/22 to ask for a status update since I could never get in touch with the "mover" they sent. (His business phone# is a cell phone that is never answered and has no voicemail set up). He also has a criminal record a mile long, which you will not learn of until this type of situation happens to you because you would expect the company that you paid upfront (New Horizon Moving and Storage) would have verified who they contract out to show up on moving day and load a persons’ possessions. (The mover is a whole second review in itself)

On 7/13/22 an employee at New Horizon Moving and Storage
informed me that my belongings were picked up 2 days prior and I would have a call by Friday with a delivery date. After not receiving a call, I called back on Saturday and a different RUDE employee asked why I keep calling them when they are the broker and then proceeds to tell me
my items are sitting in storage and that is where they will remain for 30 days since it was on the estimate (I did not agree to 30 days of storage EVER). I called back on 8/2/22 and was again told that my belongings were going to be picked up that week and in transit, but as I assumed before the day even came, that was a lie to get me off the phone and to quit calling for a few days. I called 8/8/22 (the legal # of days for my possessions to be delivered) and was put on hold for 20 minutes by another employee who stated my belongings would be delivered at the end of the following week (2 more weeks I was going to have to wait after being told twice prior by a New Horizon Moving and Storage employee that my belongings were in transit). I finally had to go to the police and report my items missing which of course prompted A so called manager to call me and go through his circle of excuses which I didn't care to listen to anymore lies from anyone at this company at this point. The manager couldn't even tell me where my items were at in transit or being stored. His response to me was "I am trying to help you figure that out and I don't need you to tell them how to do our job because I already know that he is late with delivering"

I have now been sitting in a completely empty home for over a month due to New Horizon Moving and Storage
contracting out a criminal and then taking no accountability for their negligent business practice. Why would they care about what they are doing to others though when they have already been paid?

Please do yourself a favor and research a reputable company even if the estimate shows a higher dollar amount for the move. Once New Horizon Moving and Storage provides you an estimate and contacts out a "mover" to load everything that you have on a truck they are going to demand double or triple the amount that was agreed to on the original estimate anyway and you will have to pay it if you ever expect to see your belongings again. I paid
the amount that was demanded and I am still sitting with no communication from the mover and no resolution from New Horizon Moving and Storage on when my belongings will be delivered or where anything is even being stored.

09 august 2022, 09:57

it appears my review was deleted from site so I will repost again. SHOWING a POOR business review:
for the second time!! Please read before choosing this company.
In April I was looking for moving companies to move to Alaska in the end of June 2022. Many places were not going out of the lower 48 due to covid. I contacted New Horizon Moving and Storage. A man named josh had me on the phone collecting information as to the move. He seemed sincere and the website had BBB image and spoke about their white glove service. The specifics I asked was route of travel, about the cost, was it going on the ferry? The answer was they drive 500 miles a day, they would be taking the ferry and they had an open spot on the ferry, but I had to hurry up and make a deposit to secure the spot and that there was another parcel going out and I had to make a decision not to lose that spot.
Josh the asked what I had moving, I told him a sectional, dining room table, armor, coffee table, a king mattress a twin mattress, 3 futons, a desk small, 2 safes, and a couple other items, he asked approximately how many boxes. The kitchen had 10 boxes, living room had about 20, bedrooms had 12, 10, 6 mediums to large size dimensions.
He quoted me a price of 34 thousand dollars, 10,00.00 Now, 10,000.00 pickup and 14,000.00 at delivery. At that point I placed a deposit on the date with a window for pickup. Again, assuring me that it was going by ferry and they will be in touch prior to that date and confirm (a quality assurance inventory).
I contacted them the beginning of June because of getting a call from someone stating they were coming Monday to pick up my property for the move. I had no prior knowledge who it was , why they were calling me and no notification of the movers and other information about the move.
At that point josh kept texting me about the move and the Q/A inventory. I emailed a copy of the inventory, and we went over it the difference was a couple of boxes and removing some of the furniture. At this point I was told that I must immediately pay an addition deposit of 6250. And the cost now went to 42,000.00 dollars. Again, I asked about the times and who called me he said he did not know. He said he spoke to his boss, and they were giving me a discount of 2,5000.00 and again I asked about the window date and make it close to the end date of June 17-20. He said OK. I then became confused and texted multiple times about who was coming, when were they comping as well as I decided to remove items to lower the cost of the move back to the original price.
At this point no response, I am too busy, and call customer service, since I was dealing with this person I felt the adjustments as well who was coming and the date should be on his response at all.
I called to cancel the move for personal reasons and was not moving at this point, and wanted my money back. Johnathan Padin who is one of the Service managers at this point called and stated that I was not getting my money back I had 3 days post scheduling the move. I became upset because this is quite a large sum of money. I was told by Josh that I can cancel up to 48 hours prior to pick up. Which I still did not have any information on. I asked to speak to the owner at which point Johnathan Padin said that’s why he is there, and I was not getting any money back. And basically, hung up on me. Then A Danielle Smith spoke to me another service manager after waiting 20 minutes on the phone and stated she could hold the move for a year and if I was going to a storage place, they could move me there. I live ¾ mile from a storage place really that’s insane. I again requested my deposit returned since no service was really performed she said no, and if you go to the bank and we will send papers you digitally signed and I would have a fraud charge against me. I explained again I wanted my money back she said no.
Please Refund me my deposit.

04 august 2022, 17:25

Whatever you do, do not use New Horizon Moving and Storage. Nevermind the part where we were qouted and paid for 2400cf of moving space yet the movers actually doing the packing crammed it all into a 26" box truck, which is 1700cf. The head guy doing the loading actually tried to argue that a 26" box truck is in fact 2400cf, it is most certainly not.

We were also concerned about the 2-21 days they have in the contract for delivery time, well New Horizon assured us that was simply a contingency, a just in case something happens to the truck. But not to worry as its highly unlikely it would take that long. Well here we are a week later after pickup sleeping on the linoleum floor in our new place and New Horizon could not give less of a shit about it if i paid them to. And the frieght company they have hired to actually move our stuff also couldnt care less about our situation. Even after informing them my ederly (71) mother has prescription medications she needs, and that she is also forced to sleep on the floor, theres no apologies, no "whe're doing everything we can". Nope just Eff You this is how it is, we got your money".

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