Art moving service

Whether you need to move a unique and priceless piece of art or an inspirational poster, you definitely want it to get the final destination undamaged. However, moving art can be quite tricky. When it comes to packing artwork, you need to know what you’re doing or there’s a huge chance you might end up with a ruined canvas or a frame. This is exactly when hiring art moving companies is the best possible solution. The experts specialized in this field have the expertise to handle the fragile items properly and make sure the artwork arrives at your new home unharmed. Moving companies providing the service have a specially trained staff ready to meet any challenges of relocating pieces of art.

It may seem enough to be extra-careful when moving a piece of art. However, in reality, even the smallest mistake during the packing and moving process may lead to ruining your valuable item. Is it worth to take the risk? Exactly. Let the professionals do their job. The movers will handle all the moving tasks and ensure the artwork reach the destination safely.

We can help moving art:

Relocating artwork is a difficult process requiring special knowledge and experience, whether you’re moving around the block or across the country. On our platform, you are guaranteed to find a moving company according to your specific requirements ready to meet and surpass your expectations. Entrust relocating your valuables to a trustworthy mover.

How to hire an art-moving company?

In order to hire a carrier for moving art, you should first check out all the moving companies providing such services in your specific state. Our website offers a comprehensive list of local and long distance moving companies in:

You can find a detailed information about each art moving company, read their clients’ reviews and choose the one you like the most. Furthermore, you can request an estimate from any mover you are interested in, get in touch with different movers, compare their offers and choose the best one. Whether you’re moving antique furniture or art, finding a professional moving company will make the relocation a lot easier.

The cost to move art – calculate FREE using QQ calculator

You know exactly the type, the size of the move, the distance between the locations, the required period of time and a budget but you don’t have time for researching moving companies, comparing their offers and finding the one you like. In this case, using our free of charge moving cost calculator is the best solution. All you need to do is input the information about:

  • The type of your move;
  • The size of your move;
  • The final destination;
  • Required timeline.

Can you go to calculator yourself and look what needs to be inserted? This way you will adjust this information to the right one.

Just send us a request and we’ll we don’t choose the company, we help customer to get 3 - 5 offers from different companies the moving company providing moving the pieces of art and packing services that will carry out the move quickly and qualitatively.

Why should you hire helpers to move art from QQ Moving?

Here are several reasons to choose our platform for finding a professional moving company providing art moving services:

  • We provide a comprehensive catalog of the best moving companies in the USA;
  • We work only with licensed carriers;
  • You don’t have to waste your time for searching for a mover specialized in moving arts – we’ll do it for you;
  • We’ll find a moving company according to your budget;
  • By using QQ Calculator you’ll find a mover in only 5 minutes!