How To Pack Clothes For Moving?

packing clothes for moving

Most of us are packing clothes for moving at the very last minute. Clothes is not a breakable, and not a heavy furniture, thus people procrastinate up to the deadline and as a result, their clothes are getting to the location in unpleasant condition. Just look at simple and easy tips, which save your belongings and time, and even money for reluctant shopping.

We advise you to make some checklist for moving, what makes relocation much less exhausting. For example, you can use some of your clothes to wrap fragile tableware and furniture. As well, you can leave some light clothes (socks, underwear) in the dressers and free a place in the bags for other wear.

Some Supplies You Need To Pack Your Clothes

Moving storage boxes for hanging clothes. It's a perfect solution to transport the clothing with the hangers carefully. Plus, that keeps the wear not creased and clean. Regrettably, these wardrobe boxes are quite expensive and voluminous.

Carton boxes. Clothes are quite lightweight things, so there's no need to buy strengthened boxes, even recycled packs will hold the weight, but make sure that they are completely clean. Try to use middle-sized and large boxes, whatever much clothes you put inside, the packing will be easy to carry. Clothes take plenty of storage space, so buy extra boxes, likely to you'll need them.

Moving bags for clothes. They are very capacious, and you can beetle many clothes in such bags. Don't forget that woolen clothing doesn't like to be ramed.

Garbage bags. In the case of very limited time, you may use ordinary trash bags to wrap your clothing. All bags must be new and clean. However, avoid wrapping your clothes in garbage bags or plastic wraps if you relocate in the hot season, the plastic may melt and damage it.

Suitcases. Cases with wheels are great for clothes, but during relocation better to use them to move some heavy or expensive belongings.

Packing Tips For Moving Clothes Hangers

professional packing servicesAre you sure you need all of those hangers? Bet, lots of them are damaged and scuffed and take too much of space in your suitcases and bags. Thus, maybe the purchase of new ones on the new place will be a wise choice? However, the best way to move hangers is to pack them with your clothes, not separately.

But if you consider packing hangers separately, sort them by material and wrap wire hangers in bubble film or some clothes, otherwise they harm wooden and plastic ones. After that, stack hangers in bundles of 10 items with rubber bands, cables or string, but not packing tape. Then put one bundle on another and wrap them with some clothes or towels to protect from damage.

Any of professional packing services have plenty of ways to pack hangers carefully. However, avoid movers who advise you to leave hangers right in wardrobe, in such way they will damage inner surface of your furniture.

Easiest Way To Pack Clothes When Moving

  • Sort the clothing. It can be a long process, and the time regards of amount of garments you have. However, the end would justify the means: once you categorized your clothes and create some organize system, the unpacking will be easier a lot. And subsequent system of storing will make your mode of life more usable and comfortable. Thus, sort your clothes by season, material and family member.
  • Cast aside clothes you won't wear. For sure, you have clothes that pity to throw out, but have no wish to move it into your new home: out of fashion, outgrown, not suit your style or a climate in the new living place. Donate it or sell, relocation is a perfect time to get rid of stuff.
  • Clean out the clothing. Laundry all clothing and allow to dry completely before packing. There's nothing worse than unpack belongings at the new home and find out that you have nothing to wear.
  • Pack unseasonable wear. Use special supply, vacuum bags, for example, to pack the clothing you won't use in the next few months. Label bags and boxes with such clothes to save your time and unpack them last of all.
  • Use the moving boxes for hanging clothes. The simplest way to pack the whole wardrobe is to put dresses directly from the closet to this box, each of which is equipped with metal crossbar for hangers. Carton wardrobe is very useful and lets you pack hanging clothes just in a few minutes. And that's an easy way to move clothes on hangers from one house to another with no trouble and many hours of packing.
  • Use clothing to wrap fragile things. That saves your money for packing materials and lot of space in the moving boxes. You may use clothes to fill the empty spaces in the boxes of dishes and glasses.
  • Don't forget to close the boxes and bags. Make sure all the packs are closed, use the tape if you hesitate the box or bag will withstand the trip.

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