How To Move A Mattress?

move a queen size mattress

There are two kinds of people on the Earth. The ones, who are the owners of mattresses and those who are not.

If you are reading this, I believe you are the happy member of the first group. Let's imagine that something happened and you are doomed to move your mattress over the USA.

What Do You Have To Do To Move A Mattress By Yourself?

  • Throw it away and buy the new one in the nearest mattress store in your new hometown. Let the professional moving services take care of it.
  • Go to the Internet and find the best of them on the https: //qqmoving.com. Hire them and close this page.
  • Take a deep breath and do it yourself.

There are no troubles with the first two decisions but the third one is thought provoking.

The Best Way To Move A Mattress By Yourself.

First of all, let me point out that the best way is not the cheapest way to move a mattress by yourself. So, here is the simple checklist for moving a mattress.

Packing Mattresses For Moving

  1. Find or better purchase the mattress bag for moving. Ask Siri or Google where the nearest supply shop is.
  2. Take your car and go there, spend a few quarters for gas and spend a few dollars( commonly about 5-10) for plastic or non-woven fabric mattress bag.
  3. Come back home and find that you have to buy a moving box for mattress additionally, because of the necessity of joint transportation with your furniture, grandfather clock, and your mattress. The moving boxes for mattresses are usually made of carton and ecology friendly.
  4. Take your car and go back to the nearest supply shop, spend a few dollars and a few gallons of gasoline, and bring home a huge carton mattress box. Don't forget to buy the cheap boxes for moving of various sizes. They will be really needed for packing the blankets and quilts.
  5. Measure your mattress, realize that everything you bought does not fit in size. Return to the paragraphs 2-4 and pick up the bag and the box in size.
  6. Take your children out of the mattress box.  Children can damage your mattress box and you will have to repeat the whole way again. If you have no children and your neighbors are childfree too, skip this paragraph.
  7. Take your mattress. Throw it down, cursing its dimensions. Be wise and remove any blankets or quilts.
  8. Take it again from the bad and, sweating and panting, start to insert the mattress into the mattress bag. Put the mattress on its long edge. Cover up the mattress by tugging the top of the cover and then on the bottom. Keep trying until the entire mattress is inside.
  9. Zip the bag shut or use the duct tape to fix your mattress in the bag.
  10. Slip it into mattress box and drink some water. Wipe off your sweat. You have to drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration.

Pack Memory Foam Mattress For Moving

moving boxes for mattressesIf you need to move a memory foam mattress you can fold it without fear to damage it. Most of the foam mattresses have a high-density foam and folding them would not damage the foam. The solid foam, memory foam mattress or solid latex mattress can be bent or folded to accommodate a move. Obviously, the mattress box for folded or banded foam mattresses is different from the other types of mattress boxes. You have to fold it or bent before you buy the box to define the measurements of it.  The other steps of preparation for moving are the same.

Separately, it should be said how to move a queen size mattress. The queen size mattress is very big awkwardly shaped, bulky and very inconvenient for moving around. You will need to prepare the following equipment:

  • huge mattress bag;
  • huge mattress box;
  • huge friend;
  • moving straps, ropes and packing tape.

When you collect all of this you have to follow the paragraphs 6-10. Actually, the processes of packing and moving are the same as for normal size mattress but because of the huge size, it will be harder for amateur stevedores.

It's a good time to think about professional packing services. You can easily calculate the cost to move a king size mattress using moving cost calculator https://qqmoving.com/calculator.html and define the best of the offers.

How To Move The Mattress With A Friend.

  1. Use the nearest teleport and teleport your mattress to the destination point. If you are living in the first part of 21 century skip this paragraph. This tip is for 22 century only.  
  2. Check the way to the vehicle. Be sure that there are no children, no cat or dog on your way. Even a little hamster not to mention hedgehogs or raccoons may be the reason for the catastrophe. Ask your wife or friend to keep the way clear.
  3. Grab the mattress under the bottom corners. Ask your friend to do the same.
  4. Lift the mattress and slowly move to your vehicle. Move slowly and try not to use dirty words.
  5. Put your mattress in your van or rented truck. I forgot to say that your Camaro is not the best choice to move the mattress, so you have to find some more appropriate vehicle for this challenge.
  6. Put your mattress on the long edge and use ratchet tie-down straps to hold your mattress in place.
  7. Drink water. You need to drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration. Give some water to your friend, probably, he sweated too.
  8. Say thanks a lot to your friend. Be polite. Remember, you may need him to move your stuff from vehicle to the new apartment.

This tips will be not complete if I forget to describe another way to move a mattress by yourself.

The Ideal Way To Move A Mattress By Yourself.

  1. Go online.
  2. Find https://qqmoving.com/
  3. Calculate expenses.
  4. Choose one of the best professional moving services.
  5. Hire it.
  6. Sit down in your Camaro and go to the destination point.
  7. Wait for your mattress sipping juice in your apartment

I really hope that these tips will be helpful for you to make a right choice. And the right choice is to choose professionals. Life is too short to spend it on moving mattresses even if they are  queen size.