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  • Serving: Phoenix and surrounding area
  • Phone: (602) 923-6683
  • Site: movesforlessaz.com
  • Address: 16121 N Cave Creek Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85032
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Established in 1984.


We are family owned and operated. We have been in business over 42 years with the business passed down from generation to generation. We maintain an A+ rating with the American Movers Association. All current employees have been with the company 5 years or more with previous moving experience at other moving companies. Look at our not Recommended Yelp Reviews The One Star Reviews are from Competitive Moving Companies to  take our Rating Score down  Joshua has over 5 years experience in operations and project management experience. Joshua's passion for client relations and knowing Phoenix and its surrounding suburbs, allows him to maximize every opportunity so our client is 100% satisfied. The enthusiasm and leadership that Joshua brings to Move For Less ensures movers are completing their jobs safely and with the distinct «Move For Less» standards of service. With over 10 years experience in customer service and retail management, Joshua understands the importance of delivering quality service with a smile. His warm personality and cheerful demeanor cannot be missed in this dynamic office. Joshua gives cheerful and individualized care to every customer who calls. A planner at heart, Joshua enjoys assisting his customers with the implementation of their move.

Moving Services:
  • Packing Services
  • Packing Materials
  • Furniture handling
  • Storage
  • Transportation of vehicle
  • Garbage removal
  • Piano movers
  • Long distance movers
  • Overseas movers
  • Commercial movers
  • Residential movers
  • White gloves movers
  • Relocation Mover Services
Moving Distance:
  • Local movers
  • Interstate movers
  • Cross country movers
  • Local
  • Long distance
  • Interstate
  • Cross country
  • Overseas
Moving Items:
  • Furniture movers
  • Appliance movers
  • Refrigerator movers
  • Pool table movers
  • Art movers
  • Mattress movers
  • Moving boxes
  • Furniture
  • Appliance
  • Refrigerator
  • Pool table
  • Piano
  • Art
  • Mattress
  • Boxes
Moving Features:
  • Flat rate movers
  • Hourly movers
  • Same day movers
  • Cheap movers
  • Full service movers
  • 24 hours movers
  • Insured movers
  • Flat rate
  • Hourly
  • Same day
  • Cheap
  • Full service
  • 24 hours
  • Insured

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Moving is always a complicated logistic task. Also, financial scheduling can be an even a greater challenge depending on the moving distance and total weight and volume of client’s belongings. Using our moving cost calculator will give you the general idea about the cost of your move to let you be prepared financially.

Free online moving quote calculator is light and easy-to-use, not requiring any specific knowledge from you. Everything you need is to specify the total size of your belongings, starting and ending points of your move, using additional services like packing/unpacking, etc. and send the request. Considering all the data you entered we make the accurate and precise calculation of the cost and delivering time and will provide you the results in 5 minutes. You can see information about other local and long distance moving companies in Phoenix in our catalog.

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30 december 2023, 11:18

Great team! Thanks guys! I appreciate you! These guys helped me when I needed it and they were fast and experienced.

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25 july 2023, 15:12

This company www.movesforlessaz.com is a scam and goes by other names as well. They are NOT BBB accredited. Check out the actual reviews on BBB and not these fake pisitive reviews. I was scammed greatly by them and I'm trying to make awareness. "Johnny Discount" even threatened to sue me for writing this review. Attorneys are on this case now.

10 october 2017, 17:42

Marty, the sales guy, was good, followed up and returned my calls quickly.They did not charge extra for moving a piano, or for using shrink wrap, which put them over and above other moving companies I called.Marty recommended getting 120 pads from the truck rental company, and now I know why: if it isn't boxed or wrapped, it will end up damaged somehow. I did not get 120 pads because 1) the truck rental person I spoke with did not agree that I needed that many and 2) it costs quite a bit which I had to pay up front. It wasn't like I could just take as many as I thought I'd need and return the ones I didn't use for no charge. No, my card would have been charged and then refunded later, but who wants that hassle? So, you should probably pony up for all those pads if you decide to use this company.The movers weren't bad guys, but, I think they were in a hurry and a little careless. Our refrigerator, dining table chairs, my hope chest, and TV were all damaged either with scratches or, in the case of my hope chest and TV, broken parts.We had 3 movers and the last 2 of the 4 hours they were at our house, the third guy was mostly standing around. But, kudos to Move For Less, when we told them that was the case, they charged us the 2-man rate for 2 hours instead of the 3-man rate. Additionally, we knew the TV was broken before they left, and broken by their guys. The guys called the main office to tell them, and the management offered to give us another TV. While that was a nice gesture, we were leaving the state the next morning, and it was 7pm. We did not have time to go and pick up a TV. We would have just preferred a price reduction.So, all in all, they were okay. I thought their pricing was fair and competitive. I thought the charge for the 2-man rate was a good solution. But, I am pretty sad that our things ended up damaged in small ways. And, I think the packing of the truck could have been done better so as to prevent those small damages.

review from yelp.com

10 october 2017, 17:42

Ummm. Almost two years have passed since this incident. No. They DID NOT come back and clean off the driveway.  If they cleaned off a driveway, it wasn't mine. The guy didn't even get my address. He was too busy telling me how to remove the stains on my own. Sorry. My one-star (or less) impression stands.Hey Josh!Did you even read my first review? I wasn't your customer. I was the neighbor of one of your customers. I had a negative experience with your company in August 2015. They trespassed on my property in order to turn their trucks around. Instead of using the driveway of the customer, they drove all over my driveway and my landscaping! They killed three of my Lantana plants by running over them with big trucks! They covered my driveway with large black tire marks! All the way up to the house! (And that driveway is a good 40 feet long! I came home while they were still moving the neighbors in. I walked across the street and kindly asked three of the guys, who were standing in the front yard having a smoke break, to please clean the driveway off! They said they would and then they left without doing so. The next morning the spots were still there. I called the number on the side of the truck from the photo I had taken the night before and asked for a manager. The man I spoke with told me I should get some laundry soap and clean the driveway myself! My opinion is that his response to me was rude. The crew was careless and messy and didn't follow through on a promise they made. My opinion is what I posted on Yelp. It's been 19 months since this happened. They never came back. I never heard from them again. I did end up cleaning my own driveway and replacing the three plants they had run over. My opinion still stands. Less than one star, for not caring, for trespassing and for damaging my property. Maybe I should have pressed charges with the City of Chandler Police Dept., but I didn't.I can appreciate that you may be trying to revitalize a struggling company by asking people to change the negative reviews to positive... maybe you inherited a crappy company and you are trying to fix it. Maybe you weren't working for them when all the bad experiences happened.  That's great! I can appreciate that you are trying to go forward with a clean start (no pun intended) but you can't change the past and you can't fix the screw-ups of the company's history by asking people to delete their opinions.  A simple apology would be nice, and actually reading the review would tell you that I don't have a contract number to provide you because I never did business with your company. The fact that you didn't even READ my review tells me that you are still sloppy. Cut and pasting replies and not even taking the time to understand the problem. Sorry, dude. LESS THAN ONE STAR!! Good luck in your efforts to make the future better than the past!! Peace, out.

review from yelp.com

10 october 2017, 17:42

DO NOT USE! HORRIBLE COMPANY! I hired this company to move a couch,  bed and mirror.  I was given a quote and a time for pickup.  The movers arrived 2 days later than what they told me.  When the movers finally arrived,  the price was higher than discussed.  My belongings were picked up and upon arrival my mirror was shattered.  I called the owner to discus the bogus charge and broken mirror, he yelled at me and said "your cheap mirror is not my problem. " He told me to read my (imaginary) contract (that i never recieved) regarding the bogus trip charge.  The movers intervened and said they would take my mirror to be replaced.  I never recieved my mirror or a refund.  When calling to follow up,  i was told since i couldn't recall the drivers name he wasn't doing to fix the issue and it was my problem.  THEY ARE SCAMMERS! DON'T USE THIS COMPANY!!

review from yelp.com

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