Best Time To Move

what is the best time to move into a house

It’s difficult to move regardless of the season, however, if your schedule is flexible enough and there’s no exact timeline, it’s better to take into account certain things when choosing the best time to move. It’s noteworthy that the following factors could be negotiated with the employer if you are getting a new job or in case if you are being relocated.

The Perfect Time

If you are able to choose a season to move, I’d recommend a period between spring and late fall because there will be no problems to pick a moving company and at the same time the rental services are cheaper.

Keep in mind that it’s more expensive to move on weekends whether you are renting a truck or hiring a mover. It’s also better to avoid moving on weekends, the first day of each month and during summer when the prices are through the roof. A good way to determine the exact price of the relocation is to use a moving cost calculator. This simple step will help you to avoid unpleasant surprises in the terms of payment. Certainly, we all have other things to think about like children, work, school and numerous other details which make choosing a time to move is challenging. These are the common reasons influencing the moving date for most people.

School Year

If you have kids, it’s better to consider school calendar. In this case, summer seems to be a perfect time because children finished a school year and said goodbye to friends. It is also important to give your kids some time to get used to the fact that you’re moving, give them time to say goodbye to friends and home. When choosing the moving date consider giving the children several weeks at the new place so that they will be able to unpack slowly and make new friends.

Your children will be better prepared emotionally if there is a time to adapt to the new environment and make a new place feel like home. Such significant changes can’t be too good for the children and their emotional condition.

What makes your children happy makes you happy too. During adaptation, it’s a good idea to take some time to visit the school and meet new teachers as well as walk around the neighborhood. This simple step will make you and your kids be better prepared and feel more comfortable.

Holiday Time

It’s better to avoid moving before big holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas because these should be celebrated with family members. It will also be difficult to move on other special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Choose the period right after the holiday so that you will be able to spend the holidays together with family members and relatives. Regardless of the chosen time to move quotes for relocation is a good way to find a responsible and reliable mover.


It’s said that summer is the best time of the year to move. During this season the kids are on holidays, the weather is good and predictable and you can always find someone to help. If you’ve chosen to make the move in summer it’s better to check the availability and prices of the companies providing apartment moving services far in advance. Most movers have busy schedules in summer and it means that the move will cost more. If you decided to move in this season anyways than be prepared to apply your organizational skills to make sure that household goods moving company or truck are available on the chosen time.

Remember that usually during summer professional movers are replaced by students which mean that you’ll most likely get the lower service level than expected.

Although summer months are more expensive to move, winter is a much more challenging time for that purpose. The transportation problems will most likely appear due to snow and cold. If you are moving from the place with cold climate to the place with warmer one than there’s a risk of water damaging your belongings. It’s important to know how to plan a move to another state in order to avoid damaging your household items due to climate changes. So, if you have a lot of valuable or antique things it’s certainly better to move in summer.

Of course, it’s totally up to you to decide when to move because we all have our considerations. Just keep in mind the suggestions to take into account all the little details and have an unforgettable and pleasant moving experience.