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  • Address: 7300 North Federal Highway, Boca Ratón, Florida, EE. UU., 33487
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Alliance Moving And Storage

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Alliance Moving And Storage rates

Moving is always a complicated logistic task. Also, financial scheduling can be an even a greater challenge depending on the moving distance and total weight and volume of client’s belongings. Using our moving cost calculator will give you the general idea about the cost of your move to let you be prepared financially.

Free online moving quote calculator is light and easy-to-use, not requiring any specific knowledge from you. Everything you need is to specify the total size of your belongings, starting and ending points of your move, using additional services like packing/unpacking, etc. and send the request. Considering all the data you entered we make the accurate and precise calculation of the cost and delivering time and will provide you the results in 5 minutes. You can see information about other local and long distance moving companies in Boca Raton in our catalog.

Reviews of Alliance Moving And Storage

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20 july 2022, 11:23

This company has multiple fake addresses. They also do the bait and switch and the company they pawn you off to also is in on the scam. They will hold your belongings hostage until you pay an insane amount of money. Run don't walk from this company. They also go by the names: Lions, Atlas, USMS, United States Moving Services and the list just keeps going.

29 september 2021, 19:49

This company is a joke they are rude don’t return calls and are not to be trusted, I regret giving them a deposit, run away from this company and report them to the BBB they need shut down, I doubt that my furniture will be picked up, again the name Johnathan Steel comes up another joke, the contact gives contact numbers that can not be reached isn’t that fraud, well I am pushing this as far as I can these cons need shut down

05 august 2021, 15:55

THIS IS NOT A MOVING COMPANY - they are Brokers. They will sub contract you to another carrier who will then charge you more than the so called Binding Estimate Alliance have provided..



I spoke to a Johnathan Steel ( who advised me he was one of their most experienced estimators at ALLIANCE and had been doing this for more than 10 years). Because of the coronavirus wave, the company gave moving estimates by virtual tour. I arranged this for March 9, 2021 and it took approx one hour. Each room was carefully viewed, each item of furniture and contents of every cupboard / closet were listed. He advised that he allowed an extra 10% over and above what he saw and on the day if there were more pieces I had an allowance of a further 7% on the total estimated cube.

I received a Binding Moving Estimate of $16,500.00 for an estimated volume of 2329cu.ft. .

I tweaked the list of articles a couple of times with Johnathon and received an updated estimate including these items on 4/7/21.

April 9 I booked my move to be May 13 and paid an initial deposit of $1050 to secure the price and moving date .

April 20 I paid a further $5000

On May 11, I received a call from Conor in Alliance dispatch. He advised that he had reviewed my details and that in his opinion not enough boxes or packing material had been ordered and that although my list of contents had not changed he suggested the need to increase the volume to 3229cuft. - A 39% INCREASE - of course the price would change and would now be $23,720.93 - 45% more than originally quoted !

I asked how could their experienced estimator have been so wrong but as I was 48 hours away from closing escrow and HAD to move from my home I had no option but to accept the new price and agree.

I spoke with ALLIANCE's GM, Mr. Richard FALCONE and agreed to pay an additional further deposit of $3,220.95 leaving an even balance of $14,500. Half of this ($7250) to be paid on collection in two days time and the balance on final delivery in Florida.

May 13, ALL TIME MOVING** of Daytona Beach FL (on behalf of ALLIANCE) arrived and requested immediate payment of $10,150.00 to start . I told the foreman that I had agreed it would be $7250. I refused to pay more . In a subsequent conversation with FALCONE he said ' he made a mistake'.

ALL TIME MOVING completed the packing the following day (May 14) but it was not until one week later on May 20 that after asking, I received a Bill of Lading for a balance of $11,450.00 due on delivery ! This new number was because I was told there was an increase in the cube ( now 3790 ), plus there were a host of other extra charges that were never mentioned.

I have tried numerous times calling ALLIANCE. They either leave you on hold, do not answer or promise to call back but never do. I wanted to get some explanation as to how their experienced estimator could be so wrong and how the price could go from $16,500 to $27,920.- 70% MORE than what I was expecting.

Last Monday, June 7, I spoke with FRANK in the ALLIANCE Sales Dept. and for the umpteenth time told my story and that I just wanted to speak with someone who could help. He offered to put me through to Customer Service ( they never answered) however his parting words sums up this miserable experience with an industry that has a reputation for conning the public. He said " ...you realize your original quote was ONLY an estimate - after all if we told you your move was going to cost nearly thirty thousand dollars you would have looked for someone else to do the job..." THE CLASSIC BAIT and SWITCH !!!

22 march 2021, 13:02

If i can save anyone time and money please just use another company and not this one. Alliance moving & storage is the biggest rip off i have ever witnessed. they quoted me a price of 4000.00 and promised all my stuff would fit and not to worry. when they had half my stuff loaded they said they would need another 1400.00 to finish or unload and leave they knew i was leaving next day so Alliance said they were sorry and they would pay 600.00 of the 1400.00 and the moving co would pay 100.00 so i was left with the other 700.00 i agreed to that but i had to pay all of it and they would refund my credit card the 600.00 now they wont refund my credit card and want me to sign a paper for my 600.00 back i must sign a paper to release them and there moving co of any charge back or a bad review well that was not are deal and you see which way I'm going. And we still had to leave some behind because they wanted more money. please if you need more details email me for pictures and what ever i can help you with but please go to another company and save your money and furniture mine was either broke lost or damaged beyond use i do have all the pictures, when you do hire a moving company please get the extra insurance its worth the money Cameron Nye was my rep and did nothing but lie his ASS off trust me do not use him or his company that's all i can tell you too save your ass and money and all your belongings they finally told me they found some of my stuff at another persons storage but they don't know when they can get it and bring it too my house this was a total loss to me and my family. remember it was either damaged broke or lost it would have been cheaper to leave it all behind and buy new when we arrived this has been a night mere and i hope i can save anyone of you your money and belongings thanks for reading and please respond and let me know i have at least helped someone else save their belongings thank you I used Alliance moving and storage 7300 n federal highway suite 207 Boca Raton FL 33487 and they will respond they aren't the moving co but trust me they have all the control on who they hire and what reputation they have so don't let them lie to any of us again i hope this helps someone have a great day

11 february 2021, 10:31

If I could give ZERO stars I would! Read the reviews wherever you can about them and believe them!There is a reason why they get so many negative comments and reviews- because they suck the big one! We were quoted over the phone a price. We continually asked them why no one would come out and look at the house before they gave us a quote. They gave us the Covid excuse! We asked if we could send pictures or a video to show what our home look like and what it contained. We were assured by the sleazy salesman that none of that was necessary. Boy were we fooled! We are moving from New Hampshire to Florida. This was a conversation we had numerous times with this company and we were assured everything would be fine. Well let’s fast forward to the day of the move. The movers showed up with a box truck and were told we were only moving household items?! WTF and can’t make this up. The driver was completely confused when he saw an entire house that needed to be moved that day. He had to walk through the house and look and then came up with yet another quote. And of course this was added on to the already $5000 we have paid. Now what were we supposed to do? Not pay? Argue with the driver and his helpers? Were we supposed to leave all our stuff in the house for the new owners? Well of course not. They know they have you by the balls-You HAVE to pay. So we paid an additional $9000 more today- I kid you not. And of course no one is answering the phones at alliance to help us. Do NOT use this company at all ever!!! They are rip off artists and BS Kings! 14,000 to move and some of that money was going to REPAIRS in our new home! Thanks Ass Hats for NOTHING! You guys SUCK and should be out of business! Alliance out of Boca is pure EVIL! We are disappointed, disgusted, and beyond MAD as HELL! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!

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