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Moving Stars Inc. Moving Stars Inc. Raiting:
21 reviews
Serving: Houston , TX Moving out can be a horrendous experience. I have heard horror stories how choosing the wrong movers cause people a lot of metal trauma in addition to... View company profile >>
The Movers The Movers Raiting:
4 reviews
Serving: Dallas , TX We used 3 moving companies, and this was by far our best experience. These guys were the best. Excellent service, friendly, fast and very professional... View company profile >>
Moving Forward Group Moving Forward Group Raiting:
0 reviews
Serving: Grand Prairie , TX View company profile >>
The Better Movers The Better Movers Raiting:
20 reviews
Serving: San Antonio , TX This weekend my colleagues and I used Aussie Movers for our moving needs for our business.  (Honest) John and (Vicious) Victor were our movers and the... View company profile >>
Strongarm Delivery & Moving Company Strongarm Delivery & Moving Company Raiting:
16 reviews
Serving: Dallas , TX I called around to have a washer/dryer set moved from one apartment to another, under 1.5 miles in distance, all elevator buildings. Strongarm gave me... View company profile >>
Get Moving Get Moving Raiting:
8 reviews
Serving: Dallas , TX Levi was very professional, returned my calls promptly and upfront with prices which were very reasonable. The movers showed up on time and didn't was... View company profile >>
All Services Movers All Services Movers Raiting:
6 reviews
Serving: Houston , TX View company profile >>
Best Moving & Storage Best Moving & Storage Raiting:
20 reviews
Serving: Houston , TX Great customer service, very professional and friendly staff,  and prompt service. Would recommend to all those moving from the Houston area!review fr... View company profile >>
La Union Movers La Union Movers Raiting:
3 reviews
Serving: Houston , TX These guys were great & affordable.  Quoted me one price, best in comparoson to others,  to drop at 2 locations.  They took great care in packing my v... View company profile >>
Cheap Cheap Moving Cheap Cheap Moving Raiting:
20 reviews
Serving: Houston , TX My fiancé and I recently bought our first home, and have had to use a variety of services in the process.  One of these services was, of course, a mo... View company profile >>
Budget Movers Budget Movers Raiting:
5 reviews
Serving: San Antonio , TX Budget came in significantly lower than our other bids. Chris was super helpful and professional and very understanding that our move was in phases an... View company profile >>
The Apt Movers The Apt Movers Raiting:
4 reviews
Serving: Dallas , TX I used these guys on a Friday the first week of January and they were wonderful.  It was snowing and about 20 degrees, no exaggeration.  These four me... View company profile >>

Recent reviews

    Time and time again I've finished a move and get hit with some extra fee. Some truck charge, a third mover hourly charge. It's always something. For once it didn't happen. This company told it like it was. I wanted the full price all in and they gave it to me. I paid upfront by request and it ended up actually being less so I was given money back at the end of the move. First time ever seeing that. Thanks for keeping it honest.

    The team has been nothing but amazing! They arrived punctually and kept it moving. Took utmost care of our belongings and constantly asked us how everything should be which was also very helpful throughout the day! Highly recommended to everyone seeing this!

    These guys rock! I used them again on purpose. They are kind and professional and offer the best rates by far. Go with them and mark my words you won’t regret using this company as they take care of everything and takes away all your worries.

Furniture movers Katy

Moving to a new place and contemplating moving furniture with you? If you have heavy pieces of furniture, you can depend on experienced furniture movers to maintain the process. There are various aspects to think about when relocating furniture. It's not just about getting things set up and moving them to ensure everything goes well and nothing is broken. Our QQmoving service will assist to locate an experienced furniture shipping company operating within your local area.

Get the best furniture transportation companies with us

Hire professional movers or enlist the help of your friends and relatives if you're unsure that you can complete the task. They might be able to spot problems and suggest strategies that you haven't thought of. Benefits of relying upon the professional assistance from a furniture moving company are:

  • The movers have the proper tools and know how for moving furniture without damaging it.
  • Hiring Movers take care of the physical strain of tasks that come with moving.
  • Larger pieces of furniture can be largely disassembled for mover prior to shipment and moved to a new location and reassembled, saving you time and energy.

Remember that moving heavy furniture requires more than simple muscle work. Knowing the process you are using are important to achieve success.

Why not choose furniture moving with us?

Using our QQmoving platform, you do not need to conduct research all on your own because we've taken care of all the research for you already. It saves both time and effort you invest in the moving process. Utilizing our free tool, you can get the total cost of moving furniture in Katy to your destination from a variety of firms, which will allow you to opt for the option that is in line with your budget for moving.