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    Company: Litemovers

    An outstanding company. Ed Bogusz came to our home and provided an estimate. The company works on an hourly basis and the projected cost was based on 5 men and two trucks which I frankly thought was overkill. However, Ed really knows his business because having the 5 men and two trucks made the overall moving operation so efficient. The crew led by crew chief Corey was terrific. The men were polite and knowledgeable. They worked super-well together. They wrapped in blankets any item that might possibly be scratched and this included dismantling our dining and kitchen tables. They had just a short drive to our new home. Before they unpacked we had pizza and drinks ready for them and they were quite appreciative of this. They relocated the furniture in our new home placing each item where we wanted it. Overall they came in about 1.5 hours under Ed's estimate. This is because they wasted no time, that is, there was no hanging around. We appreciated this.A few days after we moved in, we noticed a problem with our Sleep Number type air bed. Ed Bogusz promptly came to our home, diagnosed the problem and is working with the company to obtain parts to fix the problem. The company provided a new pump and Ed came over to install it only to find that a connection device was missing and he took the lead to order it. I'm not sure whether either he or I know for sure that the move caused the problem but he took the initiative to get it fixed and we appreciate this. Contrary to the recent 1 star review, I found Lite Movers business practices to be exceptional. This is a fine, well run organization that does exceptional work in from

    Company: Litemovers

    I used Litemovers on three occasions, I recommended them to my parents who used them once, and my in laws who also used them once. I can only speak to my experience with small moves (i.e. 2 bedroom apartment moves) because I have not used them for whole house moves. However, they were the ONLY company with reasonable rates for 'small' moves, which is key for my age group (20s to early 30s). There are no other companies who do as professional of a job for a small move as Litemovers. Also to note, Litemovers did a whole house move for my in-laws. My in-laws are borderline hoarders, and I packed the majority of their belongings. Litemovers was AMAZING for their move; they did not complain or anything when they arrived to find rooms with boxes filled to the CEILING. They were very respectful of their belongings, especially moving obsolete electronics (i.e. non-working/broken televisions etc) that most people would roll their eyes about.I find their customer service to be very professional, courteous, and their bids to be reasonable. Joan, who is the woman I spoke with on all three occasions, is terrific! She is super nice and will go out on a limb to try and help her clients get the scheduling requests in ASAP. The movers themselves on all 3 occasions were very professional, personable, and made the stressful aspects of moving a little more enjoyable. They have showed up on time for all three of my moves, and completed them in a reasonable time frame. I am an art conservator who deals with the packing and transportation of works of art (paintings, objects, furniture, so forth) so I am highly aware of the skill that goes into properly packing and moving furniture. I would recommend Litemovers to pack and transport high end furniture safely and from

    Company: Litemovers

    Courteous, fast, professional and friendly crew. Probably the best moving experience I've ever had. Requested a quote online. Original time estimated was 3 hours, but the crew finished the entire move in under from

Wayne lures in local people and foreigners. It is already a norm for folks in the moving. Local families may relocate a couple of times in their lives while people from other countries who came to Wayne to set up a new life for themselves may move very often. Wayne movers can move your things such as home equipment and household furnitures very quick, and safe. Moving from one location to another requires a company that you can depend specially if the things should be moved are expensive and invaluable.

The best moving companies Wayne PA are what you must look for when getting ready to depart your old area and move to a new condo or property. The Wayne moving services have the necessary practical experience and work force to help make the transition of relocation stress free.

Finding A Reputable Business Ahead Of Time Is A Must

Before coming up with a final date of moving, your seek out movers company near you in Wayne must have began earlier. NYC is a very hectic urban city. Everyday, the need of the support you wanted heightens too. For this reason, discovering for the cheap movers Wayne PA has to do with the determined date beforehand. Only then you can commence packing your stuff.

One more reason why you have to think about locating professional movers in Wayne and nearby in advance is planning ahead your budget, the quantity of packing containers, their weight and taking into consideration a company's regulations. For instance, some services constraint relocating plants, perishable foodstuff, pets, corrosive or valuables. There are services offering that is included in their deal; both packaging and moving of your things.

How Much Does The Assistance Charge?

Contact that reasonably priced movers in Wayne if you think they are the one you look for and ask for the price. Make contact with a few companies and compare and contrast prices. We would also suggest for you to read Wayne PA moving companies reviews and discover what practical experience people have had with specific solutions. Opting for the least expensive service may not a cost-effective alternative since you may have to spend for restoration in case of damages to your home furnishings or home appliances.

The name of the organization, amount of boxes and its weight are the typical basis for charges. Hourly costs are offered too. The price might also rely on how many people you want to work with to help you with packaging your things and loading the truck with it.


You can close a good deal of better price with a credible company if you do your contact sooner than the target moving day. The chosen company should be legitimately operational. They have to have a license and an actual business address so you can visit them should you have complaints about their services.