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  • Serving: 8500 Essington Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19153
  • Phone: (215) 789-4827
  • Site: athletesmovers.com
  • Address: 8500 Essington Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19153
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Athletes Movers

This is my company

The Past...

Athletes Movers, Inc. was started in 2005. As is true for many businesses, the beginning was challenging, however word spread about athletic and reliable guys helping people move. Many of our satisfied customers referred us to friends and family and we started to grow and develop the company we run today.

The Present...

Over the years our devotion to customer service and a good work ethic has gone a long way to help us establish a solid moving company. Today we are a national moving company OPERATED BY INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS serving the Eastern United States. We are big enough to handle any type of move and carry all the necessary licensing and insurance in the areas we operate. Our each location is locally operated so with us you will get the safety of using a large company as well as the personal touch that comes from a small local business. Please contact us today and experience your move done the Athletes' way!

The Future...

Our company will continue to work and provide affordable moving services for years to come. Our commitment to being an environmentally and socially responsible company has inspired many plans. We are committed to maintaining our good service and customer satisfaction in all of our future work.

Moving Services:
  • Packing Services
  • Transportation of vehicle
Moving Distance:
  • Local movers
  • Interstate movers
  • Cross country movers
  • Local
  • Long distance
  • Interstate
  • Cross country
  • Overseas
Moving Items:
  • Furniture movers
  • Appliance movers
  • Refrigerator movers
  • Pool table movers
  • Art movers
  • Mattress movers
  • Moving boxes
  • Furniture
  • Appliance
  • Refrigerator
  • Pool table
  • Piano
  • Art
  • Mattress
  • Boxes
Moving Features:
  • Flat rate movers
  • Hourly movers
  • Same day movers
  • Cheap movers
  • Full service movers
  • 24 hours movers
  • Insured movers
  • Flat rate
  • Hourly
  • Same day
  • Cheap
  • Full service
  • 24 hours
  • Insured

Athletes Movers rates

Moving is always a complicated logistic task. Also, financial scheduling can be an even a greater challenge depending on the moving distance and total weight and volume of client’s belongings. Using our moving cost calculator will give you the general idea about the cost of your move to let you be prepared financially.

Free online moving quote calculator is light and easy-to-use, not requiring any specific knowledge from you. Everything you need is to specify the total size of your belongings, starting and ending points of your move, using additional services like packing/unpacking, etc. and send the request. Considering all the data you entered we make the accurate and precise calculation of the cost and delivering time and will provide you the results in 5 minutes. You can see information about other local and long distance moving companies in Philadelphia in our catalog.

Reviews of Athletes Movers

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10 october 2017, 17:42

The movers that showed up were sub contracted and were very helpful and friendly.  They moved my two rooms worth of furniture and boxes from Philadelphia to New Jersey in a little over 4 hours.  Overall, I was pleased with the service at the price that was offered.

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10 october 2017, 17:42

Horrible. I was scheduled for a 9am move and when I called at 9:30 they said they were on the way. At 10am, still nothing so I called back. The sub-contracted mover then calls me back (not a rep from Athlete's movers) and informs me that he told them he would be there at 1pm not 9am. Athlete's movers calls me back saying the mover had some "family emergency" which was obviously a lie since I just spoke with the mover. After arguing with them for several minutes they agreed to a measly 10% discount because "they wouldn't make money off of the contractors if they went less." I was livid. In the end, the movers themselves wouldn't accept the discount and I am not fighting with the company to get my money back.

review from yelp.com

10 october 2017, 17:42

Just moved 1 bedroom this past weekend, both movers were subcontracted. One showed up  a half an hour early, and the other with the truck was exactly 20 minutes late. Both were quick, efficient and respectful. I moved from the suburbs to the city and they took a route that is known to be trafficy where there were many other routes that had no traffic. In all the job was completed in exactly two hours. They tried to charge me for an extra hour claiming that they showed up at 9:00am when they did not begin working and the truck did NOT show up until 9:20am, also they said that they finished at 11:30am when they were sitting in the truck for 10 minutes after the move. I refused to pay the extra $85 but they did move furniture within the house I moved out of so I gave them an extra $20.

review from yelp.com

10 october 2017, 17:42

Not the most professional guys, but they got the move done quickly, efficiently and without any damage. Overall, not bad for the price.

review from yelp.com

10 october 2017, 17:42

They don't deserve NO RATING!!!The incompetent movers that Athletes Movers sub contracted too were the WORSE I've ever seen!!!  They were not professional or handy at all as their website claim for them to be.  They sent someone that had no clue what to do nor where to start; first they show up late and claim they can't find the building, when they were parked right out front (I guess they can't read either); I called Athletes Movers throughout the course of the day to complain of the horrible people they sent over and NO ONE NEVER GOT BACK TO ME.  A job that should've taken 6 hours, it took them 18 hours.  Not only did they take a day and a half to move me from Philadelphia to NY, but they damaged lots of my furniture, that now I have to get fixed or buy new.  Also, Athletes Movers' charge my account without speaking to me first about how much it was going to be.  You would think they would've reached out to me FIRST and try to find out what happened after seeing the emails of pictures I sent them and hearing ALL of the voicemail messages I left.  They're quick to charge you BUT not quick enough to try and answer your messages.  Left a very sour taste in my mouth at the horrible reaction I got from them.

review from yelp.com

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