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Moving is always a complicated logistic task. Also, financial scheduling can be an even a greater challenge depending on the moving distance and total weight and volume of client’s belongings. Using our moving cost calculator will give you the general idea about the cost of your move to let you be prepared financially.

Free online moving quote calculator is light and easy-to-use, not requiring any specific knowledge from you. Everything you need is to specify the total size of your belongings, starting and ending points of your move, using additional services like packing/unpacking, etc. and send the request. Considering all the data you entered we make the accurate and precise calculation of the cost and delivering time and will provide you the results in 5 minutes. You can see information about other local and long distance moving companies in Chicago in our catalog.

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12 august 2020, 14:39

I contracted with United Movers Group to move my one bedroom apartment from Woodland Hills, CA to Fort Worth, TX, providing me a written quote of $2,300 for packing, loading from origin and transport, unload and unpack at destination. The packers were terrific and showed up on time and on the day they said they would be there, Aug 18, 2018.

After departing CA thinking all was OK, had reserved a hotel for 5 days as I was told by the customer service rep that booked my order and took my deposit, to the dispatcher and the scheduler that my belongings would arrive in Fort Worth at my destination by August 25th. Great, stopped at my hose in Louisiana for four days then headed to Texas. I cant' begin to describe the nightmare from August 18th forward trying to get in touch with someone at the company, in Customer Service with countless unanswered emails and phone messages over the next 7 weeks trying to figure out where my stuff was.

Moving forward 7 weeks to the 9th of October, I get a phone call at 10 at night saying a truck will be delivering my belongings the next morning and confirmed a good number to call. The truck shows up 2 hours late and after showing the one person that showed, guess the driver and unloader the path to my apartment, he proceeds to tell me my shipment was overweight and I needed to pay an additional $1,800 dollars. Repeating the famous line - you mus be f....ing kidding me! I was being held hostage as the driver told me he would not unload until he had a money order or cash in hand. I threatened to call the authorities to report him as a possessor of my stolen property, but, did not phase him a bit as he threatened to drive away with my stuff.

Following unloading and unpacking, discovered about $800 worth of damage to glassware, lamps, table, chairs, etc. and immediately filled out the paperwork to file the claim which clearly stated if not settled within 5 business days, would go directly to an arbitrator to settle. Gee wiz, almost two years has past and again countless emails and phone calls to get status have gone unanswered and assume at this point United Movers Group is "kaput"!

I hope if they are still around, and if by some dumb chance are being considered as a moving contractor, hope you read this first before making a really bad choice. Cant trust them, they lied through their teeth on total cost to move, put a gun to my head to pay a ransom to get my stuff, then, did not make good on restitution for damaged goods. And, never did get an explanation of where my stuff was for 7+ weeks!

02 august 2018, 10:46

Both on the Chicago and Ft. Lauderdale/Florida Better Business Bureau, this company has an F rating and is not a BBB certified business.
My reasons for filing a complaint are as follow:
United Movers Group had scheduled to pick up my furniture May 26-27, 2017, in Nashville for transport to Orlando, Florida. On that Friday afternoon, Jeremy, my dispatcher, did not call or return my calls about being a no show and rescheduling. When I called Walter, director of operations or customer service manager, did listen to me and helped get my furniture rescheduled for pick-up on the following Monday. The two packers were absolutely wonderful, and I felt hopeful that my furniture would be in great shape. A dispatcher, not Jeremy, called and asked me when I wanted delivery. Eric Scott, the sales rep, had told me delivery was between 2-14 days, so I asked for Wednesday, May 31st. The dispatcher said, "You got it!" My furniture was then, for some inexplicable reason, shipped to a warehouse in Indiana, and Jeremy, my dispatcher, did not return calls.
However, there was a seven-and-a-half-week delay until July 21st when I finally received my furniture, minus a tv and small table and with a broken marble top for a small table. Had a crew chief not taken mercy on me at the warehouse and saw when my furniture had arrived and chose to take my order, I would probably still not have it. In fact, Jeremy wanted him to take a smaller order to Florida that arrived much later than mine.
Several times dispatchers called with false dates of delivery as I would then verify with a helpful soul who told me my furniture was in the warehouse and had not been loaded on the truck. July 19th, Daniel, another dispatcher, called but left no voicemail. When I called him back, he said he had called by mistake. So technically perhaps, he had notified me I would be receiving my things, but it was not until the next day that the crew chief called and alerted me to a real delivery.
Over those long weeks, I called and called asking for information, but only two people there would tell me the truth. One even told me, "This always happens to the nicest people."
For seven and a half weeks, I lived with a dinette set the previous owner had left and a bed I had to buy and a lamp. It was a scary time as I wondered if the pieces left me by my great-grandmother, grandmother and father, and parents had left me and that I had grown up with.
Once I unpacked, I found broken crystal goblets and antique dinner plates that had survived intact during approximately 20 other moves in the past 75 years. I took pictures and also submitted a claim for the broken marble top, missing table, and missing 32-inch flat screen, but no one ever contacted me. In fact, the company sent a form letter thanking me for my business as if they had never mistreated me.
This was an absolute nightmare for a recently retired teacher who spent $13,000 of my retirement nest egg for a two-bedroom apartment move because of a stair fee of $6,000. I will have to substitute for extra income to be sure I can survive on a fixed income. I have voicemails of false promises and also pictures of broken furniture and also pictures of a bare apartment that I had to live in for so long.
I submitted a claim for a broken marble-topped table and missing 32" flatscreen, but heard nothing from the company. I have called the crew chief and his manager several times and have never heard about the missing television or missing table.
I have applied for part-time jobs to help make up for the savings I had to use to get my furniture. I would not recommend this company in spite of the kind/truthful souls who work there. There are not enough of them, alas.
Service cost: $13,000
Order ID: $7,000

U.S. Department of Transportation
Federal Motor Carrier US DOT/FMCSA
Safety Administration 1200 New Jersey Avenue SE.
Washington, D.C. 20590
Complaint ID: 100109024

Dear Mr. \Mrs. \Ms. janis little:
Thank you for your submission to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA)
National Consumer Complaint Database (NCCDB). Your complaint indicated you believe the
shipper handled your shipment in an improper manner. We appreciate you notifying us about your
concerns regarding the operations of this company. With your authorization, we notified the motor
carrier/company of your dissatisfaction with the service provided. We have asked company officials
to make an effort to resolve your complaint.
Your complaint number is 100109024. Please refer to this number when submitting additional
information or checking on the status of your complaint.
The FMCSA is responsible for the enforcement of Federal consumer protection statutes and
regulations pertaining to the interstate transportation of household goods. However, FMCSA does
not have the authority to represent shippers in disputes with regulated entities. You may wish to
consult an attorney if you wish to pursue private legal action.
Your complaint may be used for research and analysis to better address noncompliance by regulated
entities. A record of this complaint will be retained in our NCCDB system and may be used in
future investigations.
If you need more information or have questions, you may call our nationwide toll-free hotline for the
NCCDB at 1-888-DOT-SAFT (368-7238) from 8am‒8pm, Mon‒Fri, EST.
Kenneth Rodgers
Chief, Commercial Enforcement
and Investigations Division

10 october 2017, 17:41

We had initially hired a different moving company to service our move from Denver to Virginia. I left originally left the review under said moving companies profile, only to find out they subcontracted the job to United Movers. So I am clarifying my review for the people who actually showed up and did the job.United Movers Group was fantastic. They were very transparent of how the whole procedure works, how long it would take to get my goods delivered, where the truck had to stop before my destination, etc. They did a stellar job packing up our house and took great care of our furniture. The only advice I could give would be to get your own tape and let them use it, because they go through ALOT of it, and it its not included unless otherwise asked for up front. They showed up a day earlier than expected for delivery, which was both good and bad.  I ended up having to take a day off from my new job ( only the third day working there) but they informed me well ahead of time so it was not too much of an ordeal. I would use them again.

review from yelp.com

10 october 2017, 17:41

If I had paid more attention to the reviews against this company, I wouldn't be out $500 or a week behind on moving cross-country from Florida to Texas. Please heed every negative remark that you read.We were told for three days, "Your truck is in the area and will be by today", yet when we would call to inquire at the end of the day as to why no one had shown up, we received answers from "customer service" such as, "We can't magically make a truck appear for you just because you want one" and the inability to answer a single question about our move. If you have the pleasure of speaking with the "manager", Walter, prepare to be belittled, lied to and swindled. After repeated promises not being followed through with, my husband requested a full refund of our deposit and a cancellation. Walter asked him to confirm that he wished to cancel. My husband replied, "On the contingency that I receive a full refund." This exchange took place three times, verbatim, before Walter asked one more time, "Do you want to cancel or not?" My husband verified that he did, was put on hold and shortly thereafter, Walter came back on the line and confirmed the cancellation. When my husband asked when we should expect our refund, Walter stated, "You canceled outside of the allowed time frame. We aren't obligated to give you anything." When my husband told him we would fight it through our bank, Walter proudly boasted, "Go ahead. Fight it all you want. I do this all the time and I always win."An hour later, we received a phone call from one of their dispatchers, Jeremy, claiming that there was yet another truck ready to come by the next morning. When we returned his call to confirm, Jeremy didn't answer and we were put through once again to Walter. After unprofessionally poking my husband about canceling an hour earlier and "needing them after all", he confirmed that there would be a truck at our residence between 8:00 and 11:00 AM.The next morning, when no one showed for the fourth time, we called them at 11:30 and asked why they had not shown again. We were once again transferred to Walter, who denied confirming the day before that movers would be there that morning and said that his system had us scheduled for the NEXT day. By this time, we were four days out from our original move date that was in print on our contract, signed and dated three weeks prior, but that made no difference to him. Walter then told us that he was the highest up (he actually isn't), that the decision was up to him as to what to do and that his decision was to do nothing. The call was ended with him asking my husband, "Do you want the truck tomorrow or not?" We said yes.Having had no tangible defense against the company's lies over the previous few days, my husband and I chose to record the last conversation with Walter. Before hanging up, we advised him that we had everything on file - His astoundingly rude behavior, inappropriate comments and confirmation of our pick-up the following day. Lo and behold, the next morning, a mover called us at 10:00 AM saying he would be at our residence at 4:00. However, he was by himself, which meant that my husband would have had to assist with the advertised "full service" move, which was not in the terms agreed upon in our contract, so we canceled for good, ate the $500 and went with a U-Haul.I have filed a complaint/resolution request with the BBB and an Unauthorized ACH Withdrawal through our bank, but we are not expecting either to pan out. These guys are professional thieves and upon reading other reviews, both here on Yelp and hundreds others on movingscam.com, we are beginning to realize that them putting us off was an incredible blessing in disguise. Please check all reviews before deciding to go with them - Our story isn't anywhere near the worst of their theft and dishonesty.

review from yelp.com

10 october 2017, 17:41

Worst company ever!!! I booked united movers group for my move from CA to UT. When I booked the reservation, I was told a united mover would pick up my items and deliver to Utah. I was called on the day of my pick up initially to confirm the mover, all seemed fine. Then, I received a text message that the customer service rep was misinformed and I didn't have a mover in place. It seems United outsourced my move to a third party mover, Air 1 movers, without telling me what was happening. Air 1 has horrible reviews and did not seem like a reputable company. The Air 1 mover had no info on how my items were getting to Utah, the timeline, etc. so I said I would like to speak to United to confirm the details first. When I called Untited, no one was available (they were closed). I was uncomfortable  moving forward since nobody from United even told me they were outsourcing my move, and I had no details on what was going to happen to all of my items. When I finally got in touch with United in the morning they said I had refused service and they could no longer guarantee a move on June 22 (the contact move date). Since they were clearly overbooked and could not get me a reputable mover, I asked for my deposit of more than 1000 back and I would just hire another company. They refuse to give my deposit back and have been HORRIBLE to deal with. They are seriously the most unprofessional disorganized company I have ever worked with. Stay away!!

review from yelp.com

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