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Moore`s Furniture & Piano Movers Moore`s Furniture & Piano Movers Raiting:
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Serving: Chicago , IL Wonderful!  Professional!  Skilled!  Moore's moved me and my "upright grand" piano into my second floor apartment 15 years ago and I was very impresse... View company profile >>
Collins Family Movers Collins Family Movers Raiting:
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Serving: Chicago , IL These guys were SO fast! They wrapped everything up and had a whole system of packing things a certain way to ensure our stuff was safe in the truck. ... View company profile >>
Metropolitan Moving & Storage Metropolitan Moving & Storage Raiting:
16 reviews
Serving: Chicago , IL My daughter & I had a wonderful experience with Metropolitan Moving and its owner Howard.  Howard went out of his way to make my daughter's move from ... View company profile >>
Joey`s Movers and Trucking Joey`s Movers and Trucking Raiting:
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Serving: Chicago , IL You will be well pleased with Patricia, Kristy, Juan & T !!!  Office staff was very supportive & helpful, 3 movers were suppose to show up but only Ju... View company profile >>
Clutter Clutter Raiting:
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Serving: Chicago , IL Yesterday, we needed to store almost everything on our first floor. Clutter came, inventoried, triple wrapped, packaged and moved out everything. Mike... View company profile >>
JC Enterprises JC Enterprises Raiting:
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Serving: Chicago , IL Julian Collins, the owner, has been helping me move furniture for almost a year.  He is reliable, prompt, clean and conscientious...and STRONG!His rat... View company profile >>
United States Logistics United States Logistics Raiting:
7 reviews
Serving: Chicago , IL View company profile >>
Affordable Moving Company Affordable Moving Company Raiting:
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Serving: Chicago , IL I highly recommend Affordable to anyone who needs a mover. They moved ALL of my furniture and over 100 boxes at lightening speed. No spilling or crash... View company profile >>
The Specialists Moving Services The Specialists Moving Services Raiting:
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Serving: Chicago , IL Our movers were early friendly  and efficient highly recommend this company!  Thanks Jesus, Joel, and Luisreview from View company profile >>
Uptown Moving & Storage Uptown Moving & Storage Raiting:
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King David Moving & Storage King David Moving & Storage Raiting:
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Serving: Chicago , IL Loved the work of Martin and his crew. After scheduling, they called ahead and confirmed the time, they showed up on time on the day of the move and h... View company profile >>
Peterson Moving Company Peterson Moving Company Raiting:
15 reviews
Serving: Chicago , IL A friend's daughter called these guys at the last minute and loved them - so I thought I'd try. They were everything I could want - way cheap, very ef... View company profile >>

Recent reviews

    Company: Those Movers LLC

    Quick and simple! I will definitely use them again!

    Company: Those Movers LLC

    I love those movers! They came on time, and got their work done fast. They loaded me up in under 2 hours, and everything was nice and wrapped. I had no damages. They were efficient. I would definitely recommend to friends and family.

    Company: Those Movers LLC

    They problem solved and wrapped my belongings up nicely.

Art movers Chicago

Fine art movers are businesses or individuals that focus on the secure and safe transfer of artwork across the nation or within a state. Moving artworks requires particular care because of their fragile in importance, as well as their irreplaceable. Our QQmoving service will help you find fine art moving services appropriate to your needs and the specifics of your upcoming relocation.

Why should you select a reliable art moving company in Chicago

There are many advantages to hiring an art movers instead of performing the job yourself, particularly when dealing with fragile or expensive objects.

  • Art movers who are professionals have years of experience safely transporting fragile artwork. They use the most efficient material for packaging, techniques of protecting fragile objects, and crating items of odd shapes or sizes.
  • Many art works are vulnerable to changes in temperature and humidity. Professional art moving companies in Chicago use climate-controlled automobiles in order to keep the artwork at its best during its transportation.
  • Art moving professionals are experienced with international shipping processes as well as the documents and customs regulations for international transport of art.

While it may be tempting to cut costs by moving artwork by yourself however the cost of doing so could easily outweigh the benefits. Professional art movers can move your valuable artwork without fear of damage or loss.

Why choose art movers with us

Utilizing our QQmoving platform,moving art has never been more simple. We've done the majority part of the job to make it easier for you by putting all reliable moving services in one location. These tools will ensure that you find the right company that specialises in art relocation and operates in your region.