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How we started

From its humble beginning, two recent high school graduates unable to pay for college, or «starving students,» dug a borrowed «Dodge Power Wagon,» a former World War II weapons carrier used to tow cannons, out of a mudslide. These two students painted «Starving Students» on the side of the Wagon, parked it on a local highway, and their successful moving company was born. Starving Students opened its first branch in the basement of a log cabin that was the former home of Tom Mix, a silent movie star. This branch was located in Laurel Canyon, a suburb of Los Angeles, California.

At the time, many famous movie stars and musicians lived in the Canyon, and Starving Students became their preferred full service moving company. With hundreds of trucks in their fleet, Starving Students is currently one of California and Nevada's largest home movers, moving tens of thousands of families every year. The moving company's corporate headquarters is based in Southern California. They extend their professional moving services to thirty-three (33) locations throughout nine (9) states in the western and eastern portions of the United States, as well as in Texas. The multiple locations allow the company to offer affordable moving and storage to a local and national market.

Whether you are looking for cross country movers or a local door to door moving company, Starving Students supplies the best movers to get the job done. Starving Students follows the same age old traditions upon which the moving company was founded in 1973. Our goal and mission statement is simple, «To provide our customers with high quality, stress-free, professional moving and storage services at excellent value with a lower final cost.»

A moving company predominantly known for its success in local moves, Starving Students offers long distance residential and commercial moves, as well as full-service, portable storage containers. The choice is clear: choose Starving Students to fulfill your one-stop moving and storage needs!

Moving Services:
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  • Packing Materials
  • Transportation of vehicle
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  • Local
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  • Furniture
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  • Flat rate
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  • Full service
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  • Insured

Starving Students Movers rates

Moving is always a complicated logistic task. Also, financial scheduling can be an even a greater challenge depending on the moving distance and total weight and volume of client’s belongings. Using our moving cost calculator will give you the general idea about the cost of your move to let you be prepared financially.

Free online moving quote calculator is light and easy-to-use, not requiring any specific knowledge from you. Everything you need is to specify the total size of your belongings, starting and ending points of your move, using additional services like packing/unpacking, etc. and send the request. Considering all the data you entered we make the accurate and precise calculation of the cost and delivering time and will provide you the results in 5 minutes. You can see information about other local and long distance moving companies in Los Angeles in our catalog.

Reviews of Starving Students Movers

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28 october 2022, 14:46

This was by far the worst experience I have ever had using paid movers.

When the movers arrived, the foreman immediately started complaining that I had too much stuff and that it was a 3 man job. Eventually he told me to call “his boss” and ask for a third person. I spoke to her and authorized it, and she spoke to the foreman, but then nothing actually happened with it. He did continually complain throughout the day that it should have been a 3 man job, and seemed to blame me for there only being 2 people, as if I was supposed to estimate how many people were needed.

Once they started working, we noticed that the foreman was limping, and wearing one sandal. He mentioned to us that 2 weeks ago, his lift gate dropped on his toe. I think it’s incredibly unprofessional to be doing such a demanding physical job when you’re not in good medical condition, and it’s very unsafe to not be wearing closed-toe shoes.

Early in the loading process, the foreman asked me if I had boxes for the two televisions (which I indicated as part of the move both in the initial contact and showed to him when he arrived). I said I did not, and he said we should’ve had boxes for them, but nothing more. I was unaware I needed boxes for the TVs, as I have hired movers multiple times in the past and they never had any problem wrapping TVs in blankets and loading them into the truck.

About midway through the loading process, the foreman again asked me if I had boxes for the TVs. I again said I didn’t, and he said he would not move them without boxes. I ended up speaking this boss about this, and she said if I signed a waiver stating that I accepted all risk of damage to the TVs, the movers could wrap them in blankets and load them. The foreman refused to do that, then changed course, and said he would, if I threw in an additional $25 for him. I told him no, and spoke to hisboss about this, because I do not appreciate being shaken down like that. She agreed that he shouldn’t have done that, and told me her boss would be giving me a call in a few minutes.

While waiting for that call, the foreman began yelling at me that I should not have talked to her about it, because she can’t tell him what to do. He said he wouldn’t wrap and load the TVs because he would not “do something for free.” That doesn’t make sense to me because I’m paying by the hour, so he’s already being compensated. Eventually, I was sick of being yelled at and told him to drop it – the TVs would not be moved, and please get on with the loading. This conflict clearly upset him a great deal, as he would barely make eye contact with me or say another word the rest of the move.

I did receive a call from his boss’s boss, wherein I discussed some of these issues. He agreed that the foreman shouldn’t have asked me for more money to move the TVs, and said he’d talk to him and then get back to me. I never heard back.

Close to the end of the move, the foreman said something along the lines of, “just the couch and we’re done.” At that point, there were still about 10-15 boxes in the garage, my workbench, and a few other items, such as a ladder and some lamps. I pointed those out and he took the workbench and boxes, but refused to take the ladder. He said something along the lines of, “can’t you put it in your car?” I have a Honda Accord, and this is a large ladder. No, I can’t put it in the car – that’s why I hired movers in the first place.

The lamps never made it in the truck, nor did a variety of other small things such as a shovel, brooms, a stand mixer, and very small air compressor.

Finally, they finished loading everything, and left without even telling us they were leaving.

The unloading went mostly smoothly, although I am not happy that my workbench was left on it’s side instead of upright as it should be. Also, my (small) filing cabinet was broken – I saw it drop off the lift gate of the truck, smashing into the road (see attached). I don’t know if this was an accident or some petty revenge for the conflict we’d had. I understand I signed a waiver about damage to my stuff, so this is the risk I take.

My mattress now has filthy handprints in multiple spots, and there is what looks like wood shavings and dirt on the side of it, as well as my couch. I assume this is from the floor of the truck. I don’t think it’s acceptable – there should be pads underneath the furniture or it should be completely wrapped or something.

There was enough stuff that the foreman either refused to move, or simply ignored and left behind that I had to rent a U-Haul today, go back to the old house, and move it all myself.

All in all, this experience was an absolute nightmare, and far and away the worst “professional” movers I’ve ever hired. I intend to warn off all friends and family from Starving Students.

10 october 2017, 17:38

I actually had a pretty bad experience with this moving company. On top of an already stressful and financially difficult moving situation, I booked my move through Starving Students, and David G and Rey E from BLVD moving company showed up. To start, they couldn't park their truck in my driveway, which was fine, just had to track down several neighbors to move their cars so the movers could park on the street instead. Not sure why they brought such a big truck for a 1 bedroom move, but fine. As I mentioned, it was a 1 bedroom ove: one bedroom set, entertainment center, refrigerator, and about 15 boxes (not even a couch or living room or dining room set). And upon arrival, they told me they would estimate about 6 hours for moving these items less than 2 miles away. 6 hours?! Are you kidding me?! After telling them they need to get it done in 3 hours, he basically told me they will work at their pace, and I can help carry boxes to the truck, and that I can take the smaller boxes myself in my car. Wow ok.They worked extremely slow, taking one box at a time (when clearly he could have stacked 2-3 boxes on the dolly to save time). And every time I would go out to the truck when I would carry boxes out there to help them, the guy would be on his phone!!Also- they failed to mention the 29.99 fee for wrapping certain furniture pieces (which I told them not to worry about doing since it would slow down the move, but they did it anyway so I assumed it would be included in the price agreed upon).The job got done in 3 hours, but somehow I got charged for 3.5 hours, plus the 29.99 wrapping. Needless to say.  This was the WORST moving experience I have EVER experienced, and it's safe to say I will never use Starving Students or BLVD moving ever again! And I will make sure to pass the  word along to any friends that are moving as well!

review from yelp.com

10 october 2017, 17:38

I have used SS before and always have a good experience. They show up on time, work their butts off (and both times I've had stairs), and the price is great. They are friendly without losing professionalism or wasting your time. I don't want to move again, but if I do- will definitely hire SS again. If only I could get someone to pack for me. :)

review from yelp.com

10 october 2017, 17:38

do not use this service!!!! do not use!!!! do not use!!! what a mistake!!! dont work here either! what a scam!!!

review from yelp.com

10 october 2017, 17:38

They were professional. However they helped themselves to a few my items. In  other words they STOLED some of my things. They were really not that expensive but it's was the principal of the thing that these items were mine and they took them. I will never use their company again. They were a bunch of thieves.

review from yelp.com

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