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Take away the hassle and stress of moving by allowing MOVE WISELY to manage all aspects of your Long Distance move. From the professional packing, Storage Services and managing a secure transport of your household treasures,  we have it all covered !


HI I'm in the business for 12 years already 6 years as a CDL driver 4 years as a Forman and field manager I served the army for 3 years as combat commander That time made me very detailed oriented and not to be afraid from the toughest tasks.I'm with MOVE WISELY since the beginning and I'm trying to make it the best company in the industry

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Moving is always a complicated logistic task. Also, financial scheduling can be an even a greater challenge depending on the moving distance and total weight and volume of client’s belongings. Using our moving cost calculator will give you the general idea about the cost of your move to let you be prepared financially.

Free online moving quote calculator is light and easy-to-use, not requiring any specific knowledge from you. Everything you need is to specify the total size of your belongings, starting and ending points of your move, using additional services like packing/unpacking, etc. and send the request. Considering all the data you entered we make the accurate and precise calculation of the cost and delivering time and will provide you the results in 5 minutes. You can see information about other local and long distance moving companies in Los Angeles in our catalog.

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16 november 2020, 04:26

I first contacted Luis at Rhino Relocation in July 2020 for relocation from CA to NC. I gave him a full list of items and received an initial estimate of about $3700. On Aug 6th a truck showed up and the driver gave me a new quote of $7500 after looking at my stuff. I obviously sent that truck away and called Rhino Relocation to tell them I want to cancel my move after realizing I was scammed but he would not refund my deposit even though I was assured by Paul, Luis’s manager, that the deposit was refundable. Instead of returning my deposit Luis told me he had another crew to send out assuring those guys are his best crew. It didn’t look like I could get my refund easily so I gave a benefit of doubt about the new crew. That afternoon I received a call from Mike, Move Wisely owner, that his crew will come pick up my belongings in the evening. He called me 3 times that afternoon telling me how much he would really like the job and that he was running late from his previous job. Around 7pm a truck shows up with 3 guys. Mike took a look at my belongings and told me it’s about 950cf plus minus 50cf and that he can fit all my stuff in his truck which he claimed has 1300cf of space available. I should have measured the truck space myself but didn’t because I was running out of time, which I still regret to this date. It took about 3 hours to get to almost full load. I still had stuff left in my house but the truck was running out of space. I had to be selective about what to load because I knew what gets left behind would not make it to NC but Mike complained about me taking time to select what to load in the truck and refused my requests because it was getting late and he wanted to go home after a long day. This guy certainly didn’t sound like the same guy who called me 3 times earlier to make sure I knew he was coming to pick up my belongings. After loading up the truck Mike quotes me $5700 for the job claiming my belongings filled 1300cf of space. Although I felt scammed I was left with no other choice but to pay him half the amount he quoted. It was super tiring week for me and my family and I just wanted to be done with the moving process so I paid him after getting assured that my stuff will be delivered in 2 weeks. One of my room still had stuff and I ended up throwing away all of that stuff because I had to leave in two days and the truck had no more space. I thought my nightmare was over but it was only half of the story.
After arriving in NC we waited for a week before contacting Mike for a status update. He did not give us a clear answer as to when we can expect our belongings delivered. His only response was, “We are getting a truck early next week” every time I was able to get a hold of him. 2 weeks passed by and still no truck and our anxiety grew day by day. My family of 3 was living off of 3 brief cases in an empty house in NC for almost 3 weeks. After I got really frustrated reading so many horrific reviews about Move Wisely (Believe every horror story you come across about Move Wisely as they are probably all true) I attempted to contact Mike numerous times but he stopped responding to my call after he failed to deliver on promised date. The only means of communicating with Mike was via text and nothing was being done. He once responded, “We are doing our best.” I contacted Rhino Relocation to complain about Move Wisely but Luis just kept putting me on hold and waited for me to hang up. I could never get a hold of him, either. He already got his broker fee so I figured he didn’t have any reason to bother with complain.
After a month of wait Mike finally responded to my messages saying our belongings are finally loaded to a truck and will be delivered on Sept 5th. Ryder rental truck showed up on 6th at our front door with our belongings. After they finished unloading we found out 4 items were missing and nearly all of our furniture and appliances had damages or destroyed. The driver, Jose, took off quickly after telling me he would contact Mike to take care of damage claim and missing items and I was never able to reach him again after that day. I didn’t hear from anyone from Move Wisely afterward. I asked them to locate missing items and to take care of damages but only response I got was Mike’s text message, “I’m doing my best.” It’s been more than 2 months since my last contact with Move Wisely and I still have not heard back from them nor was able to reach Mike. Stay away from these people and save yourself a weeks of agonizing and sleepless nights. They will do anything to take possession of your belongings then it is game over after. You will be scammed and overcharged and then find your stuff delivered late, damaged and lost while you are being ignored during and after the entire process. Move Wisely is a fraud.

28 june 2018, 10:22

On 03/26/2018 I entered into a contract with Move Wisely through there Representative Brendon. Please see attachment (Original Move Wisely Binding Moving Estimate) Payment of 10% deposit of $913.70 was paid with my American Express Card. I also advised Brendon I would be paying the 50% due on pickup of the items with my American Express Card which Brendon informed me would not be a problem.
The contract called for 2550 cf. @$3.40 per cf. I advised Brendon that the items were at two (2) locations. One being my house with household goods that I would pack the small items and the second location was my business warehouse approximately 3 miles away where I had pallets of candy from my business that would also have to be loaded on the truck. I also advised Brendon that I had both a pallet jack and a forklift to load the pallets onto the truck. Brendon advised me that this would not be a problem as they would load my items at my house 1st and then go to my warehouse to load the pallets. Brendon advised me they would be sending a Tractor Trailer so there would not be a problem.
I asked Brendon at that time if I did not use the full 2550 cf. would I still be charged for the entire space and Brendon advised me once the truck was loaded they would measure the cf. used and would than discount accordingly should it be less. Brendon also advised me that there was a minimum of 1400 cf charge even if I went below that.
I advised Brendon that I needed the truck to be at my house early on the morning of 04/16/2018 as I was also going to be driving a U-Haul truck and a trailer to Tennessee so I needed to leave early afternoon. Brendon advised me this would not be a problem as he would have the truck there between 9am and 9:30am.
On 04/16/2018 at 9:25am I received a call from the driver that they would be there in about 1 1/2hours. This means they would be 2 hours late from my scheduled time.
At 10:50 am the driver showed up in a Penske Rental Truck and I advised him this would not hold all my household items and the 7 pallets at my warehouse. The driver advised me that a 2nd truck was about 30 minutes behind them. I advised the driver that I was told by Brendon that a Tractor Trailer truck was to be used. The driver advised me they would transfer the items to the Tractor Trailer at their warehouse as it is hard to get a Tractor Trailer into housing areas to load them.
When the second Penske Rental Truck arrived I took the second truck to my warehouse and loaded the 7 pallets and my pallet jack onto the second truck.
Upon returning back to my house the workers had almost finished wrapping the furniture and started to load the 1st truck. I noticed then that the front of the box truck was only being filled half way up the inside of the truck but did not say anything as I had already been told the items would be reloaded onto a Tractor Trailer at the warehouse so this should not matter.
At around 1:15pm the workers had finished loading the 1st Rental Truck. The driver handed me a revised estimate with additional charges for Total material and packing of $980.00, and excess cf. of 350 to be charged @ $4.40 per cf..
I advised the driver that the original estimate quoted showed that I was to get Total material and packing worth $1000.00 for $0.01 and the driver said they would not honor this!
I also argued with the driver about the excess 350 cf.. He then called his boss Mike.
I spoke with Mike on the phone and again the $1000.00 of Total material and packing was not going to be honored. I also questioned the excess 350cf. and Mike tried to tell me about how the 1st Rental Truck was almost full and the 2nd Rental truck had 7 pallets on it. I advised Mike that the front on the 1st Rental truck was hollow half way up and the back had at least 4 feet of empty space. I also questioned Mike on why a Tractor Trailer that I had been told would be used so that we could figure out the cf. then and there and Mike advised the same as the driver that they don’t use Tractor Trailer trucks in housing areas as they sometime could not get in or park.
Mike advised me that the items would be transferred to a Tractor Trailer at the warehouse and then the cf. would be determined. Mike also advised me that he had another customer that was moving to Tennessee and that my items would be loaded onto the same truck as the other persons and my items would be loaded last so that they could be delivered 1st.
Mike and I spoke about the total cf. and the charges again and Mike assured me that when the Tractor Trailer was loaded they would recalculate the cf. at that time and he would adjust the final payment accordingly. I agreed and authorized the payment of $7800.00 on my American Express card with the agreement that the final payment would be adjusted if the cf. was lower than the 2900 cf. on the contract.
After reviewing the contract again I noticed that the calculations on the contract were wrong. The five items on the contract less one discount on the contract states it is $ 13,207.00 but when calculated it comes to a total of $11,714.00 ($8670.00 + $1540.00 + $980.00 + $867.00 + $150.00 - $493.00 = $11,714.00).
Mike advised me he would call me when the Tractor Trailer was loaded to give me an approximate delivery date and how much the final payment would be if it was lower than the contract specified.
On 04/26/2018 I had not received a call from Mike as he said he would so I called him and Mike advised me that the truck was on it’s way to Tennessee and I could call the driver “Dan” to schedule the delivery.
I then called Dan the driver of the Tractor Trailer and he advised me that my items were loaded 1st (not what I was promised be Mike) and he would be going past me to Nashville 1st to unload on 04/28/2018 and then driving to my house in Tennessee on the afternoon of 04/28/2018. I advised Dan that would be fine but not what Mike had promised me.
On 04/27/2018 I drove approximately 1 hour each way to Wells Fargo Bank in Florence Alabama to get a Cashier’s Check in the amount of $3900.00 for the balance due on delivery.
On 04/27/2018 Dan the drive of the Tractor Trailer called me to advise me I would need the final payment of $3900.00 upon delivery of the shipment. I advised Dan that I had a Cashier’s Check already made to pay it and Dan advised me that would be acceptable.
On morning of 04/28/2018 I received a phone call from Mike stating that they could not accept a Cashier’s Check and I would need to pay by either cash or US Postal Money Order. I advised Mike the back was an hour away and I could not go and cash the check and then get him cash until Monday. Mike advised he would talk to “his boss” and then call me back. Mike never called me back!
At 3pm on 04/28/2018 Dan the driver called and I went to where he was located in Savannah TN and escorted him back to my house.
Once Dan got the truck positioned I advised Dan that I wanted to measure the inside of the Trailer to see exactly how many cf. had been used. Dan advised me he could not even open the Trailer until I had given him the Cashier’s Check for the balance of $3900.00. I told Dan that would not be a problem as I knew he was just the driver and had nothing to do with the charges I was charged.
After giving Dan the Cashier’s Check, Dan opened the trailer so I could measured the space that was used. When the Trailer was opened I noticed that when the truck was loaded 3 of the 7 pallets had been disassembled to consolidate the space that was used for the shipment. The amount of space used was about 1/3 the inside of the trailer. I had to measure from the outside the length so I had Dan acknowledge the outside point and the inside point to be the same by the rivets on the trailer. I then measured the inside width and height of the trailer. The measurements were Length 252 inches, Width 108 inches, and Height 117 inches. This calculated 252” x 108” x 117” = 3,184,272 divided by 1728 = 1843 cf..
This mean I was overcharged 707 cf. @ $3.40 = $ 2403.80 and 350 cf. @ $4.40 = $1540.00 for a total of $3943.80.
I advised Dan the driver of this and also advised him I knew he could do nothing about the overcharge but wanted him to acknowledge that I had done the measurements correctly. I also advised Dan I would be calling Mike on Monday. Dan advised me he would also let Mike Know.
On the morning of 04/30/2018 I phoned Mike and advised him I would like a refund for the overcharge and asked him how he was going to handle it. I also advised Mike at this time that I had physically measured the amount of space used in the Trailer. Mike said he would talk with “His Boss” and would call me back by 2pm his time on that afternoon. Mike never called back!
On the morning of 05/01/2018 I phoned Mike again and asked what he and “His Boss” had decided? Mike said that “His Boss” had authorized a $400.00 refund. I advised Mike that this was not acceptable as the refund should be over 10 times that amount. Mike advised me that I might not have made the measurements correctly and I assured him that not only had I measured them correctly but I also had the driver Dan acknowledge the measurements.
I advised Mike I was trying to let them make this mistake on their part right but Mike just kept making excuses on why the charges were correct. I advised Mike to look at the contract and he would see that the addition was wrong and he advised me he was not at the office to look at the contract.
I told Mike I did not want to have to file a dispute with American Express and Mike advised me that filling a dispute would do no good as I had authorized the payment to which I replied I am not disputing the whole payment but the overcharge on the calculation on the contract and the overcharge on the cf. charge.
Mike advised me he would talk to ‘His Boss” again and I told Mike the best thing to do was to have “His Boss” call me direct and Mike said he would. I never received a call!
I then contacted American Express Customer Service and ask them to file a dispute on the $7800.00 charge that was made by Move Wisely in the amount of $4843.50.
Contract Calculation over charge $899.70
Cf. over charge $3943.80
Total over charge $4843.50

10 october 2017, 17:37

Everyone knows moving is a pain in the butt. But I have to say this company made my move virtually stress free. Would use then for my next move if it wasn't out of the country. Thanks guys!

review from yelp.com

10 october 2017, 17:37

FINAL UPDATE: 7-6-2017 pm. Mike Zive the Operations Manager personally attended to my complaint. He went out to the warehouse, re-measured my property completely, took pictures and discovered the error. He call me immediately cancelled my existing contract, re-calculated all the numbers as there was an error in the total cubic measure after my property was in their truck. He went over all the numbers, made allowances & discounts, made up a new contract, the cost went down from $4587.62 to $3339.00. Mike also made arrangements to pay for my first months storage here in Colorado so I would not lose my unit, gave me an immediate credit back and resolved the whole issue. Mike was so concerned that he had personally talked to the crew last night before he called me. At the end of the call I felt my complaint was resolved completely. Mike made sure I was happy with my experience with Move you Wisely. Mike Zive is a man of great integrity & honesty. He was quick to deal with my complaint, speak with all his staff to assess the full picture and spent over an hour and a half on the phone personally with me to make things 100% right. I have cancelled my complaint with OIG/DOT today. I want to say something on a personal note. There were many moving companies I spoke with before choosing Move you Wisely. The other moving companies sale approach was one of fear & speaking badly about Move you Wisely to get my business. Do not fall for that tactic. I believe they were the dishonest ones. I would 100% use Move you Wisely again and would refer them to my family, friends and business associates. I am very pleased with the final outcome. That is what customer service and valuing your customers is all about. Thank you Mike for your great work in resolving my complaint. Thank you to Max, Edwin for their assistance and David. Thank you to Brendon for all your help before my move. Catherine Thompson-------------------------------------------------------------------------7-6-2017 UPDATE TO MY REVIEW FROM 7-5-2017. After I posted my review a few hours later I was contacted by Brendon Pacitto - sales & Mike Zive the Office Mgr via email. Mike contacted me by phone this morning to offer a resolution to my complaint about his company. He is reviewing my property & money I will charged. He has offered to "make things right". I am awaiting a resolution. I will follow up on the outcome-------------------------------------------------------------------------Do not use move you wisely their estimates are more than 100% less than the actual move prices. my property is now being held hostage in their warehouse in sherman oaks ca. on site movers were nice but the Company Business practices are fraudulent & dishonest. DOT#2920761 MC#984953I measured all my items and listed my own inventory total cubic feet was max 627.8 cft @ $3.60 $2260.08 fuel incl. i had 1 bed, no appl,no living room furniture. I pd a dep $323.15, day of the move paid $827.85 bal $1109.08 upon delivery to my new home in colorado. After they loaded my property I was told I had more cubic ft which is impossible. I was then told that the interior of the truck was a certain cubic measurement, that was the only thing I did not measure I had to take their word for it. I was then told that now I had to pay for fuel. I was forced to give an additional check for $888.53. They then told me I would have to pay an additional $2487.62 on top of what I already paid to now get my property in Colorado. If I did not move my property by the 30 day free storage I was now going to be charged $450 a month thereafter. At the end of loading the truck the total went from $2151.00 to $4587.15 a 102% increase in the cost to move a 1 bed, I had no dining room, living room or appl furniture in my move, I had standard boxes & they did not have to pack anything. Even though my boxes had the cubic measurement printed on the sided from home depot, they said the measurement was wrong it was more how can that be??? My cubic measurement went from 600 to 1200 cubic feet after my property was on their truck.This moving company has taken advantage of me. I have filed a complaint today with the OIG/DOT inspector generals office in Washington DC DOT Rpt #170705-17 dated 7-5-2017, I have written a letter to the Attorney General for the State of CA, filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, filed a complaint with the Consumer Protection Agency in California and Washington DC for moving fraud against Move You Wisely in Sherman Oaks CA. DOT#2920761 MC#984953DO NOT USE THIS company they are not honest and you will pay 100% more than what they estimate. THIS IS VERY WRONG THAT THEY ARE DOING THIS TO PEOPLECatherine Thompson

review from yelp.com

10 october 2017, 17:37

I I hurt my back before my move and I called these guys. They were very fast and efficient and got everything done without hassle. I recommend them for anyone trying to move hassle free.

review from yelp.com