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About Nice New York Moving and Storage

We are Nice New York Moving and Storage, Your New York based locally operated relocation company. We do all kinds of local or long distance moving and storage since 1993. Our perfectly trained stuff including professional movers and packers, experienced customer service representatives is ready to provide to our valued customers the highest level of moving within the New York area and the entire US. Local and long distance moving services, storage units, corporate relocation, office and residential, commercial trucking, warehousing in New York- we do it all! Your fast, honest, inexpensive New York moving and storage company, just call us at 929-888-9629 and ask for the best local or long distance rates. We guarantee we will beat any price quotes from other moving and storage companies!

What makes our company different from the rest?

Since the very beginning we are committed to provide our customers with the highest level of service. Being in this business for 20+ years, we know what customers like, want and expect while hiring movers for their relocation. Just call our Customer Service and ask for the best price, we know how important for You it is in our time, the best price and the quality. Cheap stress-free move - this is what You will receive from us.

Moving Services:
  • Furniture handling
  • Storage
  • Transportation of vehicle
Moving Distance:
  • Local movers
  • Interstate movers
  • Cross country movers
  • Local
  • Long distance
  • Interstate
  • Cross country
  • Overseas
Moving Items:
  • Furniture movers
  • Appliance movers
  • Refrigerator movers
  • Pool table movers
  • Art movers
  • Mattress movers
  • Moving boxes
  • Furniture
  • Appliance
  • Refrigerator
  • Pool table
  • Piano
  • Art
  • Mattress
  • Boxes
Moving Features:
  • Flat rate movers
  • Hourly movers
  • Same day movers
  • Cheap movers
  • Full service movers
  • 24 hours movers
  • Insured movers
  • Flat rate
  • Hourly
  • Same day
  • Cheap
  • Full service
  • 24 hours
  • Insured

Nice New York Moving and Storage rates

Moving is always a complicated logistic task. Also, financial scheduling can be an even a greater challenge depending on the moving distance and total weight and volume of client’s belongings. Using our moving cost calculator will give you the general idea about the cost of your move to let you be prepared financially.

Free online moving quote calculator is light and easy-to-use, not requiring any specific knowledge from you. Everything you need is to specify the total size of your belongings, starting and ending points of your move, using additional services like packing/unpacking, etc. and send the request. Considering all the data you entered we make the accurate and precise calculation of the cost and delivering time and will provide you the results in 5 minutes. You can see information about other local and long distance moving companies in NYC in our catalog.

Reviews of Nice New York Moving and Storage

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10 october 2017, 17:40

This is based on a coast to coast move (San Jose to Brooklyn, NY).  In my professional life, it was my job to work with movers constantly.  This was THE worst company I have ever dealt with. EVER! At delivery, there were hidden last minute fees of another $900.00. We were told a day prior, that our balance was 3K (Approximate) by the driver of the delivery vehicle. When they arrive, I'm told we owe another 900.00. Even though we told them ahead of time (the day before) we needed a smaller truck to accommodate the limited parking space, and that there were 3 flights to the apartment, and we were told NOTHING about extra charges for this. When they arrive, they wouldn't begin unloading without the extra money, and threatened to put our possessions in storage. As we are calling The supervisor (who was just as rude as the crew chief) as for an explanation, the driver is pushing for the money immediately, or he's going to leave. I had to borrow the money from a relative on the spot. After all this, we witnessed members of the crew drinking on the job, spitting in the hallway, the crew chief telling the crew not to tell us of damage they did to our furniture, and insulting me and my wife behind our backs.  I was right behind him as he was talking to his crew. He didn't like that I called him out on it, but hey, a total lack of professionalism needs to be called out.Three hours into the move, two of six crew members left the job site. At that point, the crew chief and three other crew members sat outside (on our furniture, BTW) making arrangements to have family members complete the move. During the whole delivery time, after collecting the money, the crew chief only helped bring items up only four times, and not at all once the first two crew members quit. A neighbor, seeing what was going on, offered to buy the crew water (In the hopes of getting them to get back to work). The crew chief rudely yelled back "Red Bull! We need Red Bull!  My neighbor, being the sweetheart she is said "Oh kaaaay..." And got them a bunch of Red Bull cans to help me and my wife.After damaging some of our furniture by dragging it cross tile floors in the hallway, and up the stairs, they "placed" (read dumped) our boxes in the designated room with no regard to box placement, orientation (many boxes were placed down side up although clearly labelled) not to mention a total lack of regard to items marked "fragile". As we opened the boxes, we found many properly packed glass and stone items (wrapped in heavy duty bubble wrap) destroyed. Every stand-up lamp was bent. And we have yet to go through all the boxes. I shudder to tally the losses.In and Out Movers (Our original contacted mover in San Jose) subcontracts the pickup, the long haul, and the delivery to other companies. The pickup was handled by KLM, the long haul and delivery by an agent of Allied Van Lines, "Nice Moving And Storage", based out of Brighton Beach in Brooklyn. We had a decent decent pickup crew in San Jose. After that, the move devolved into a sloppy, rude extortioner's, sewer of a mess.I urge anyone contemplating a move with these folks to SERIOUSLY contemplate an alternative.

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