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1-800-GOT-JUNK? Manhattan1-800-GOT-JUNK? ManhattanRaiting:
20 reviews
Serving: New York and surrounding area Unbelievable service! Fast, efficient, competent, great price, and so so so nice!We had to get rid of a huge couch and a huge desk, along with some ot... View company profile >>
1/2 Price Movers1/2 Price MoversRaiting:
21 reviews
Serving: Staten Island and surrounding area Moving in general is stressful so finding a moving company that is reliable is very important. My husband's co-worker used Half Price Movers before so... View company profile >>
1/2 Price Movers Queens1/2 Price Movers QueensRaiting:
14 reviews
Serving: Queens and surrounding area Due to some move-in delays, I had to hire 1/2 price movers to move my things from a temporary apartment into my actual apartment and they completed th... View company profile >>
1800-Mr Rubbish Franchising1800-Mr Rubbish FranchisingRaiting:
1 reviews
Serving: 1033 86th St, Brooklyn, NY 11228 View company profile >>
1969 Movers1969 MoversRaiting:
1 reviews
Serving: Queens, NY 11105 I was recommended by my mother's friend to use this moving company and they were very fast and efficient with my 1st big move. I was very surprised th... View company profile >>
2 Guys & Truck2 Guys & TruckRaiting:
1 reviews
Serving: 6260 99th St, Rego Park, NY 11374 View company profile >>
365 Movers365 MoversRaiting:
18 reviews
Serving: New York and surrounding area I've move around Manhattan about 15 times in the last 5 years alone. Moving was always stressful, but Chris and his guys really made moving efficient ... View company profile >>
1 reviews
Serving: 399 2nd St3R, Jersey City, NJ 07302 440 Moving is a reliable Moving company. It is a local moving company for NJ & NY.  Flat rate prices, we move and also we have helping hands if you ne... View company profile >>
5 Boro Movers5 Boro MoversRaiting:
21 reviews
Serving: Elmhurst and surrounding area This will be the third time I've used 5 boro to help me move, and every time is better than the last. I have very few complaints aside from spelling b... View company profile >>
5 Star Movers5 Star MoversRaiting:
20 reviews
Serving: Bronx and surrounding area 5 stars for 5 stars moving services. I cannot say thank you enough to Robert and William for making my moving day as cool and fun as It was. Moved fro... View company profile >>
A A Arrow Moving & StorageA A Arrow Moving & StorageRaiting:
4 reviews
Serving: 140 58th St, Brooklyn, NY 11220 View company profile >>
A Chick With A TruckA Chick With A TruckRaiting:
6 reviews
Serving: 265 Skillman St, Brooklyn, NY 11205 I was moving out my old apartment and needed help last minute. A friend of mine referred me to Elizabeth- who I called for a quote. What a surprise it... View company profile >>
A Man With A Van & MoreA Man With A Van & MoreRaiting:
20 reviews
Serving: White Plains and surrounding area James Consagna is wonderful.  If you have to move and you live anywhere in the Westchester/Connecticut/NYC area call him....he was on time, did what h... View company profile >>
A Moveable FeatA Moveable FeatRaiting:
20 reviews
Serving: New York and surrounding area Friendly, fast, and efficient. I have dealt with other movers in the past and was by far quiet impressed with these guy's.  Would definitely call upon... View company profile >>
A One Van LinesA One Van LinesRaiting:
18 reviews
Serving: Brooklyn and surrounding area A One Van lines!! My Family and I moved from NY to Florida. We were looking all over Brooklyn to find the most responsible and efficient movers. Then ... View company profile >>
A Pensa Modern MoversA Pensa Modern MoversRaiting:
6 reviews
Serving: 1110 Kennedy Blvd, Union City, NJ 07087 My girlfriend and I made 2 moves into the same apartment in Hoboken from both in and out of Hoboken. She had used Pensa Modern Movers in the past and ... View company profile >>
A Super MoveA Super MoveRaiting:
13 reviews
Serving: New Hyde Park and surrounding area Full disclosure, after reading all the negative comments I was more than a little concerned about my move into my Cube Smart storage unit today. An un... View company profile >>
A to B VanlinesA to B VanlinesRaiting:
8 reviews
Serving: 2550 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11207 View company profile >>
A&A Alliance MovingA&A Alliance MovingRaiting:
3 reviews
Serving: 42 Kent St, Brooklyn, NY 11222 View company profile >>
A&A Alliance Moving IncA&A Alliance Moving IncRaiting:
20 reviews
Serving: 329 E 94th St, New York, NY 10128 Great moving service. They arrived on time, took care of my stuff, and moved fast. The price was from View company profile >>
A-1 A Jay`s Way MovingA-1 A Jay`s Way MovingRaiting:
3 reviews
Serving: Brooklyn and surrounding area Jay moved me on a tight budget and did it on very short notice. This guy works hard with his staff and goes out of his way to make sure everything is ... View company profile >>

    Recent reviews

      I recommend this company for those in search for professional piano mover in the area.

      I liked working with movers from Active. They were professional and efficient and extremely polite.

      I definitely recommend these movers for your long distance move. They are very professional and easy to work with.

    When it comes to moving in NY, you need to have a responsible company. Through the QQ platform, you will find the best moving company in NYC. We want to make your life as simple as possible when it comes time to moving areas. You will find a professional team and trained movers that will guarantee top-notch service. There is a wealth of knowledge in the people that you are able to work with on the QQ platform. The best price movers in NYC are available for you through QQ so you just need to sit back and enjoy a smooth process of relocation.

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    How To Choose The Right Moving Company in NYC?

    This is where QQ comes in and saves the day. What you need to remember is that moving in New York is more difficult than in any other city in America. It has over eight million people living in the city throughout the five massive Burroughs. What you need to do to get off on the right foot is think about what you require a moving company to do for you. What service do you need? By using the platform of QQ you will enter all these details in and the rest is done by the website.

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    What Factors Affect The Price of Moving in NYC?

    There are four things that you must remember that will affect the price of your move, such as:

    1. mileage
    2. size of your home
    3. organization of move
    4. equipments needed for move

    People that are moving residences usually do not think about these things and they can get a very big shock when they hear a price. Things that you need to think about are will you require storage? Are you planning to pack your belongings yourself? Because all of these little details can bring the cost of your move right down.

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    How to Compare Moving Companies?

    You do not need to compare moving companies as QQ does all that work for you. Once all your information about what it is you need from a moving company, the QQ site will check all the relevant local movers NYC to come up with the solution for you. But if you were going to do some research yourself you would check the cost that different moving companies charge. How many years they have been in the industry. Do they give an estimate before the move? All of these factors are very important.

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    Few Tips for Moving

    There are many things to remember when you are going through such a big change in your life. Here are several useful tips that will make your moving stress free:

    • Always remember that it is worth paying a little more for a safe, reliable NYC mover company to do your move than risk ruining all your sacred valuables with a cheap, inexperienced team that will cost you more than money.
    • It is a good idea to do some research about the area you are heading to. This is so you can lend a hand to the moving team if they are unsure of the area.
    • By using the QQ calculator will not only save you time and effort but it will make everything so much clearer for you while you are moving. Another good idea to think about before your relocation is to place stickers on each box.

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