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  • Address: 4555 Pearson St, New York, NY 11101
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Citiwide Self Storage

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Helping Long Island City since 1977 with all of it's Self-Storage needs.  We are committed to providing the best possible experience for our tenants and we pride ourselves on our superior customer service.


Established in 1977. Starting in 1977, CitiWide has been providing the best Self-Storage experience to all of Long Island City.  Since coming under new management in 2015, we have seen significant growth and improvements to our facility.

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Free online moving quote calculator is light and easy-to-use, not requiring any specific knowledge from you. Everything you need is to specify the total size of your belongings, starting and ending points of your move, using additional services like packing/unpacking, etc. and send the request. Considering all the data you entered we make the accurate and precise calculation of the cost and delivering time and will provide you the results in 5 minutes. You can see information about other local and long distance moving companies in New York in our catalog.

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10 october 2017, 17:39

I've been  a costumer here for four years. It's the best deal I've found in town. The staff is always friendly to me. It's really simple. You pay your rent. You store your stuff. It's not rocket science, yanno!

review from yelp.com

10 october 2017, 17:39

CITIWIDEFirst of all their Manager GLEN was very rude over the phone.  I like a paper trail so I sent an email stating that I would be vacating the unit at the end of the month. Up until today the 12th of the month I had not heard back from them. I ended up calling to follow up and he said that if I wanted to leave, notice had to be given the month before. What???!!! CURRENT AND NEW CUSTOMERS!!! BE SURE THAT YOU GIVE THEM AT LEAST 35-40 DAYS NOTICE OR THEY WILL CHARGE YOU FOR THE NEXT MONTH!!!!! I did not realize if I wanted to leave at the end of June that I had to write a few days before MAY ended?? His exact words were that I think that I am SPECIAL. Because I insisted that I did not want to be charged for July??!! Back from the first day I dealt with these people it was a bait and switch. The first manager I dealt with promised so many things and never followed through.The girls that work in the front in the reception area are much more "professional" than their own MANAGER!! If he can't handle the pressure of dealing with people, he should look for a less challenging job that he can actually handle!  Possibly dog-walking.  Not sure if he'd excel, he may kick the dogs!  I am happy to get out of there!!!There are soooo many other good, clean and cheaper places to store your personal belongings. This is definitely not the place to do it. Because you don't have a ceiling in your unit everything gets dusty.  Plus they have a lot of commercial customers that take over all of the parking spaces and the freight elevator when you need to move stuff in or out of your unit.  So you basically need to wait forever, or park far away and carry your belongings.  Very unprofessional business!!!!  They need to do better with their customer service as well.  Also, unless you are new customer that wants to rent a unit, do not expect a reply to any concerns to the forms that you fill out on their crappy horribly built website.I'd rather not give them any stars but seems that I have no choice.

review from yelp.com

10 october 2017, 17:39

I'm moving my small business into a large storage space there, and all I can say is that the people there couldn't possibly be nicer or more helpful. They gave me a free week to start wiring for electricity and install phone/internet, and will be charging me month to month. By the way, referring to some of the other comments about this place, there's a big sign right on the front desk that they require 30 days notice if you're vacating, so those people complaining about this are just not paying attention.Based on my experience with the people and the place so far, I am very pleased and looking forward to a pleasant working environment with a responsive staff.

review from yelp.com